Liver & Gall Bladder

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Gall Bladder Mucosa Liver Lobule, Pig
Gall Bladder, Trichrome Stain Liver Lobule, Human, Panoramic
Rokatansky-Aschoff Sinuses Liver Sinusoid & Central Vein
Canaliculi, Injected Parenchymal Cells & Central Vein
Canaliculi, Transverse Section 1 Portal Triad
Carbon-filled Kupffer Cells Reticular Fibers, Perisinusoidal Space
Central Vein Sinusoids Sinusoid & Central Vein
Endothelium & Space of Disse Sinusoid & Kupffer Cells
Hepatocytes 1 Triad Artery, Bile Ductule
Hepatocytes 2 Triad Vein & Bile Ductule
Hepatocytes, Best's Carmine Central Vein
Kupffer Cells in Sinusoids Liver Lobules, Best's Carmine
Liver Cell Glycogen (PAS Stain)