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Aorta and Elastic Tissue Capillary, Arteriole, Venule Muscular Artery (Weigert's elastica)
Aorta (high mag.) Capillary (long. Sect.) Small Artery (low mag.)
Aorta (low mag.) Internal Elastic Membrane Small Artery (trans. sect.)
Arteriole (long. sect.) Large Vein-Vena Cava Small Artery-Vein Pair
Artery & Secretory Duct Microvessels  Vein Valve 1
Artery, Vein & Nerve Muscular Artery (high mag.) Vein Valve 2
Artery-Vein Pair. Muscular Artery (low mag.) Venule (long. sect.)