Second Edition

Template for Revision Plan for Areas

DUE MARCH 1, 2000

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1. Revisions of Articles from First Edition

List each article, with author(s), in your section in the first edition, and give a brief description of the projected changes for the second edition; if the article is to be deleted, please indicate so and justify the deletion. Include an estimate of extent of revision in terms of number of words or pct.Please also make preliminary contact with the authors to advise them of this project and possible revisions and to determine their interest in rewriting their articles. Note: all bibliographies must be updated, but these changes are not counted in length estimates.


“Finite Nouns,” S. Smith. First half of this article will stay pretty much as is. Second half will be updated to include latest theory of finite nouns, e.g., Johnson’s theory. Estimated change in words, 30%. Smith will agree to do the revisions.

“Cryptolinguistics,” A. Adams. This article will not appear in the second edition; it duplicates material elsewhere in the section and in others.

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2. New articles for the Second Edition

List all new articles with projected titles and authors. Give a brief description of contents and justification for inclusion. Estimate length. Please do not contact projected authors yet; these new articles will need thorough consideration before approval.


“Oligolinguistics,” B. Benson. In the years since the first edition, this field has emerged and achieved prominence and so must be treated. Benson is the major person in the field and will likely agree to write the paper. Estimated length: 2000 words.

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3. Changes in Organization

Please describe changes in the structure of your section, including headwords and nesting, cross-references, and blind entries. You are encouraged to contact Consulting Editors for areas related to yours to discuss organization.


“Finite Nouns,” which was a separate headword, should be nested under “Nouns” and appropriate cross-references should be made to articles in Morphology, Syntax, and Formal Grammar.

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4. Graphics and Special Features

Please describe any changes in or additions to graphics or special features, such as maps, typography, formulas, and diagrams.


Tree diagrams on p. 841 will be modified. Map of Russia will have to be redrawn. Orthography for XXX language will have to be added. Phonetic symbols for length and aspiration in XXX language have to be included.

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