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Visual Communications

Program Description

We teach students how to open their eyes to a career as a creative person. We arm students with skills applicable to many design-related professions like Advertising, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Motion Graphics. We produce culture-makers who use the power of ideas to transform the world.

Our program engages students in an educational experience where they learn by doing. In our small classes students have intense studio experiences, exploring their creativity, developing skills, and designing in multiple media. Students work closely with professors in an environment that challenges them to re-think what they know about the world around them. Our students use the words "life-changing, exciting, challenging and fun" to describe their experience in the program.

Our graduates activate the future, applying their creativity to media you see everyday. Our alumni hold top positions in creative professions and maintain a close relationship to the program's past and current students. Through internships, study abroad programs, field trips, visiting artists and designers, our graduates leave school already plugged-in to their career path.

The BFA in Visual Communications is a 4-year degree program, beginning with two full years of Foundation Art courses followed by two years of curriculum required for the BFA in Visual Communications major.

Applying to Visual Communications

Students are accepted to the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts or Visual Communications degree program through an application process.

Application to the Fine Arts or Visual Communication program requires previous completion of the first year Foundation Art credit requirements in the Department of Art and Design or approved equivalents from another program.

Fine Arts and Visual Communications majors are required to receive a grade of C- or better in all required courses to continue in the degree path.

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