The issues are we have new Tech. (E-mail circa early 1980s) and the web
(Circa 1994) w/ the evolution of database technology.

We evolve in terms of how we "learn" to use the tech.  Its not simply a
matter of new tech. (who was e-mail applicants in the late 80s) but
leaning how to use the tech. and its adoption across our audiences.

Candidates can function in a self-serve environment--- seeing online
status updates and online decisions, as information is updated
(automated) rather than needing to call the admissions office and waiting
for traditional mail delivery.

Schools can develop relationship marketing programs--- emailing groups of
candidates about life on campus, updated admissions information, rather
than individual candidates have to seek ourt information from catalogs and
the telephone.

Candidates can now share information and experiences--- accessing business
school discussion boards, thus information you offer to one candidate can
be shared, and you need to assume it will be shared.