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These materials are free, for anyone to use, under the open source model. An e-mail to me would be nice, just to let me know you are using the material, and please e-mail me for potential updates and improvements. If you use the material in other classes, you need to make sure your use policies are similar to mine (i.e. your work is freely available for others to use).

These materials are linked to a dictionary of terms, for more depth of explanation. I think it is good use of the a hypertext medium.

Dictionary of Terms: Ecommerce and Marketing
The foundation of all the materials, this Dictionary of Terms is used as a resource to explain all of the technical terms that are highlighted in any of the learning materials. Anyone is free to use this dictionary, either as a stand alone document, or as the foundation of additional learning materials. As a general rule, to link directly to terms within the dictionary, use the code <A HREF= 3 letters of the term>the word you are linking</A>. More information on this code in the HTML Tip 4 page, under "link to".

Information Technology Applications in Marketing (Internet Marketing)
Just completed course (5/06); all materials are at Internet marketing Text.

Learning HTML
Writing HTML is a lot easier than people think. You will know that if you follow the tips here!
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Basic Design Issues
Design is super critical ---some crude tips here!
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