BUAD 884: Marketing and Electronic Commerce: Resource Page

  1. Julie Alvarez: Food For Thought
  2. Brian Clark: Blue Hen Investing Club
  3. Jill Cokkinis: Body Building
  4. Frank Conway: Fashion Design and Illustrations by Sharon Anne
  5. Mark Cosden: Delmarva's Millwork Resources
  6. Jiangning Gong: Links to Business In China
  7. William Grove: Seminole Country
  8. Kevin Hunt: Soccer Equipment Links Page
  9. Jim Kirwin: Outsourcing Links
  10. Jeff Ladner: EH&S: Transitioning Beyond Compliance to Risk Management
  11. Ellen London: Delaware Bulldogs Roller Hockey
  12. Ryan Lowe: Community Involvement in DE
  13. Sundeep Mattamana: Tourism in India and Visit Kerela
  14. Christian Myhre-Nielsen: Playing Golf in Oslo, Norway
  15. Shraven Pakanati: Resources for Chemical Engineers
  16. Sheel Patel, A4 Resource Page
  17. Sachin Patil: Financial Web Pages
  18. Riccardo Raciti, Car Shopping on WWW
  19. Stan Rath: Philadelphia Sports Page
  20. Amit Saraff: Load King Wire Industries
  21. Baris Seker: Buy Music Online
  22. Jason Sellers: Wresting Links
  23. Supreet Singh: Volkswagen New Beetle
  24. Ed Stewart: Civil War Battlefields
  25. Praphulla Suryawanshi: Cricket
  26. Hugh Tamassi: A Comprehensive recource for Developers
  27. John Theibault: ShopBot Central
  28. Tom Thomas: Children's Arts and Crafts, games and Hobbies Page
  29. Craig Wright: Marketing Jobs in Southern California
  30. Yao Zhan, China Travel/Tour
  31. Carlos Zhou, Tao and Taoism