Learning HTML, 3 of 6


Within your own template (see Learning Tips, 2 of 6), you can now include a link to the University of Delaware whenever you mention the University of Delaware (or similar university!) This is also important for other institutions you include in your template (academic or corporate). To do this for the University of Delaware link simply change the University of Delaware reference from:

  • University of Delaware
  • <A HREF="http://www.udel.edu">University of Delaware</A>
    (Note: It is not important to know what <A HREF means, nor do you need to remember, whenever you need to create a hyperlink, you can simply view source on a document that contains a hyperlink ... and that is why writing html is not complex!)

    Paragraph and Line Breaks

    While much html code begins with a command in < >, and closes with a command </> to note the command has ended (used for hyperlinking (above), font changes (see Learning HTML: 5 of 6) and header text (see Learning HTML: 5 of 6) for examples) with paragraph breaks and line breaks you simply use the following code:

    <br> for a line break and

    <p> for a paragraph break.

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