Learning HTML: 2 of 6

The following story template is available for you to use to create your web page. The template is designed to get you started. You are not to be limited to its design. You should do the following:
  1. View the template with your browser.
  2. Right click your mouse, select View Source
  3. Click the 'save as' option
  4. Click the 'save in' option
  5. Specify your drive
  6. Save the template as template.html
Now with a text editor (recommend wordpad, under accessories in windows) edit the file, adding a paragraph of text. It is important that you save this file as a text file with the extension .htm (or .html)

As you make your edits, have your browser view the file you are editing, to view the changes you are making. To do this, in the location window, replace the web address with the filename and filepath (i.e. c:\template.html) You are now creating an HTML document, and you are able to view it as you edit it!

To complete this so others can view your work, you would need to FTP the template to an account you have on the internet. This is not necessary for learning HTML, and therefore beyond the scope of this tutorial.

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