Learning HTML: 1 of 6

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To begin familiarizing yourself with HTML you should spend some time browsing the web and use the following two options on your web browser:

  1. Right click your mouse and select the View Source option
    You are now able to view the HTML code that was used to create the document you are viewing. Repeat this with a number of different documents, especially ones that you find have interesting designs.

  2. From the View Source option, select the File option, then select the Save option
    This enables you to save a WWW document to your computer's hard drive (by specifying c:\filename.html --- where filename.html can be replaced with anyname you wish, as long as it finishes with the file extension .htm or .html).

    Note: you can save your file in any directory, use the c:\ drive OR the a:\ drive etc. etc. The particular drive or filepath does not matter, as long as you use the same drive and filepath when viewing the document with your browser.

    Note: do not save to a file name beginning with http://www etc. simply start with the filename you wish to use and end it with the extension .html (htm).

After the second step is complete (you now have a file saved on your hard drive):
  1. Use the File option again from your web browser. This time select the Open File option

  2. Select the file name (and filepath) you created above.
    Note: alternatively, you can simply type in the filename (and path) in the address box of your web browser.
You can now view the file you saved to your disk (hard drive). Your browser allows you to view documents that are not on WWW (local files).

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