Survey: Marketing and the Internet

I need to get your feedback on how the class is running. This is an experimental class so it is very important that I understand how the class is going. If changes are needed, then the sooner I know about it, the better. This is anonymous, do not include any information that will identify who you are!!. To ensure that I know that you are a student of the class (anyone who accesses WWW can access this page) your comments must be relevant to material, class process etc. A comment like "This class is a waste of time" will not be useful. Instead you should write "This class is a waste of time because...and let me know why!!." By letting me know why, I can perhaps try to adjust (if its the feeling of a few class members) and it will prove you are actually in the class!!

Look at what other students have to say...and see that it really is anonymous.

Thanks, Alex


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