Evaluative criteria for your web-projects.

The following aspects will be very important as your web projects are evaluated. Specifically your group web project although your resource page and resume should follow these guidelines where appropriate.

Group Project grading

60% percent of your overall group project grade will be determined by me.
15% will be determined by your classmates, using the same grading criteria, who are not in your group.
15% of your grade will be determined by peer evaluations from your group members.
10% of your grade will be determined by the quality of your grading of your classmates projects. Quality will be determined by your critique of the group projects and how you determined the grades (not influenced by the actual grade you propose).

How to grade WWW projects

The grading will be made up of three components, value, design and marketing.

Value to target audience(s) 40%

How valuable is the site (resource or web-site) to its particular target audience(s). With regard to the resource page, how valuable a resource is it? With regard to the group web-site, how closely does the site meet its business (primarily communication) goals.

Design, Conformity and Clarity 40%

How closely have you followed the design tips that were covered in class. These include:
File sizes vs. use of graphics
Use of background color and/or images
Limiting options on page vs. number of links to get information
Page length
Navigational devices
Ease of accessing important information
Consideration for the nonlinear nature of WWW
Editorial rigor
Reasons to return

If it is a retail site, then you should consider the issues of trust, ease of purchase and incentives to purchase.

Site Marketing 20%

What steps have been taken to market the site. Use of meta tags within the document and search engine registration etc. You may include a document that would detail your site marketing iniatives in order to gain full credit.
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