Remote Login

To be able to access Netscape from home you will need to create an ethernet connection. For details on how to do this, access the University of Delaware PPP Center,

You can use remote login to access the UNIX system from your work- place or from home. This will allow text use only. To do this, you must have a modem with your computer, and terminal emulation software. If you already have terminal emulation software, then you only need set it to the parameters required by the composers:

  1. Set your terminal emulation parameter to one of the following: vt100, vt102, or vt220.
  2. Set your system to 8 data bits.
  3. Set your parity to "None."
  4. Set your stop bits to 1.
How you set the above will be dependent on the software that you use. You will need to consult your manual in order to determine what you need to do in order to set your software.

If you do not have any modem software, you can go to the basement of Smith Hall to obtain a copy of Kermit for IBM compatible PCs or MacKermit for the Macintosh. You will need to bring one high density diskette or two low density diskettes in order to get a copy. Kermit comes with documentation on its installation and use. Kermit is also supported by the University, so you will be able to receive assistance from the Helpdesk.

After you have the software setup properly, all you need do is dial the proper number. If you live in New Castle county, you may dial 831-3220. If you live in Kent county, you may dial 734- 1472, and if you live in Sussex county, then you may dial 645- 4052.

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