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A little about Me

I am back!!!

I was interviewed on using Twitter in the classroom, November 2013: Classroom Tech

Here is a radio interview I did (09/12): From B School to Barbaro at University of Delaware.

My book is available on Amazon: Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and His Legacy.

What I did: I used to teach at the University of Delaware, work at the Wharton School, consult for Clear Admit and gallop horses at Fair Hill Training Center.

What I then did: In August 2007 I left Fair Hill on a road trip via racetracks as I continued to maintain I have worked at Penn National, Presque Isle Downs, Keeneland, Churchill Downs and Sam Houston Race Park. I finished up Woodbine in Canada working for Steve Asmussen.

What I am now doing: I am back at University of Delaware, teaching, and at Fair Hill galloping. I also do book signings and book talks.

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NOTE: Not updated this section since 2008

The projects are ongoing as I travel by racetracks.

Alex Brown Racing: Ending Horse Slaughter Ongoing
Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and his Legacy
New York Times: The Rail I blogged for the New York Times during the 2008-2012 Triple Crown seasons
Tim Woolley Racing This was my platform for Barbaro. I started when I left Tim and Fair Hill in August 2007

Teaching experience

I have taught at the University of Delaware, on and off, for about twenty years. I started teaching Internet Marketing in 1997. At the time there were only two of us teaching this topic anywhere.

Information Technology Applications in Marketing, 2012
Internet for First Time Starters: Summer 2008 Woodbine Race Track
Internet Marketing: Spring 2007
Internet Marketing: Spring 2006, which includes a full set of internet marketing texts
Internet Marketing: Fall 2005
Introduction to Marketing: Summer 05 (Wharton School)
Internet Marketing: Spring 05
Online E-commerce and Marketing Materials
Hackers, Hits and Chats: Marketing and E-commerce Dictionary of Terms
...and I have been teaching internet marketing since 1997.

My Articles, Presentations and Media Coverage

Through 2006 my articles and presentations focused on the Internet and how the Internet could be used for MBA Admissions. Since 2006 my focus has shifted along with my use of the Internet. I followed the racehorse Barbaro's struggle for life and now his ongoing legacy. I write about horse slaughter and other horse welfare issues. * = Published Articles.

End Horse Slaughter: An Interview With Alex Brown Triple Dead Heat, October 21, 2008
"Top Bunk" List Helps Past Champions Find Happy Endings EQUINE Ink, September 23, 2008
New career beckons for former top horse Horsetalk, September 17, 2008
At The Races with Steve Byk (second half hour) Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network, September 10, 2008
Top racehorse narrowly escapes death Horsetalk, September 4, 2008
A horse's final hours - my unhappy trip to a livestock auction, Down The Backstretch, September 2, 2008
Horse Slaughter Interview FAN 590 Sports Radio, Toronto, August 2008
How Many Horses Can One Man Save? Down The Backstretch, August 8, 2008
*SLAUGHTER GOES UNDERGROUND, Paulick Report, July 29, 2008
Ask the Lord gets new life on farm, Daily Racing Form, July 18, 2008
Yourgie's Second Chance Portfolio Weekly, July 15, 2008
*A Texas Sojourn Texas Horse Talk, June 2008
Clear Admit Staff Update: Alex Brown Works to Combat Horse Slaughter Clear Admit, June 27, 2008
*Talkin' Horses: Alex Brown: Exercise Rider and Horse Welfare Advocate Bloodhorse, June 26, 2008
*Unwanted Horses? Yes and No New York Times: The Rail, June 1, 2008
*Sensible debate over unwanted horses would help anti-slaughter lobby Horsetalk, May 27, 2008
Battle to save horses from slaughterhouse Toronto Star, May 3 2008 (front page story, Derby day)
*Barbaro’s Fifth Birthday, New York Times: The Rail, April 29, 2008
Big success for anti horse-slaughter lobbyistsHorse Talk, March 11, 2008
Former professor takes his love for horses to Capitol Hill UD Review, February 2008
Out of Preakness Tragedy, a Legacy Barbaro Is Gone, but Good Is Being Done in His Name Washington Post, May 19, 2007 (front page story Preakness Day)
The Church of Barbaro
From Barbaro Fandom to Political Activism Online Fandom, February 23, 2007
To check up on Barbaro, check out his blog, Philadelphia Inquirer, July 2006
Barbaro Updates Help One Website Grow, WJZ Eye Witness News, July 2006

*Engagement Marketing (June, 2006)
Links and explanations used for GMAC PDP (2005)
Marketing class explores potential of blogsUDaily
Blogs, Everyone? Weblogs Are Here to Stay, but Where Are They Headed? Knowledge @ Wharton, March 2005
Links and explanations used for GMAC PDP and Annual Meeting Presentation (2004)
NAGAP: Discussion Boards, Chat Rooms and the Power of Transparency (note, this is a 4.1 mb power point file)
Case 2004: Houston: Discussion Boards, Chat Rooms, Diaries (Blogs), the Power of Transparency
*Discussion Boards, Chat Rooms and the Power of Transparency
AMA 2003 Chicago: Marketing Communications on the Web: Achieving Higher Recruitment Yield
*Making Technology Decisions for the Admissions Office Selections, Spring 2002
Online communities sprout up thru portals , Wharton Journal, April 2002
Extreme Networking, Part 2 FastCompany, July 2001
Making the Cut at Wharton, BusinessWeek, April 2001
How Companies Sponsor, Listen and Learn from Chat Rooms, Knowledge @ Wharton, August, 2001

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