2 books by Prof. Boyer now online in Institutional Repository

3:24 p.m., Feb. 19, 2008--The University of Delaware Library announces the electronic full text availability of two books by John S. Boyer, E. I. DuPont Professor of Marine Biochemistry/Biophysics Emeritus of the University of Delaware. The two Boyer books, Water Relations of Plants and Soils (co-written with Paul Kramer) and Measuring the Water Status of Plants and Soils, are available in the University of Delaware Library Institutional Repository [http://dspace.udel.edu] and are a landmark first for the library's Institutional Repository.

The library encourages UD's faculty to consider placing their research in digital form for which they hold the electronic rights in the Institutional Repository.

Boyer is the first faculty member from the University of Delaware to sign his electronic rights for his two books over to the UD Library for inclusion in the Institutional Repository. The books were published in print format by Elsevier.

The Institutional Repository is organized by a roster of “Communities.” In the “Community” of the College of Marine and Earth Studies, a user can find the full-text electronic versions of the two books.

“John Boyer's leadership in transferring the electronic rights for these two important books over to the University of Delaware Library allows access to faculty and students from around the world to electronically read these books,” said Susan Brynteson, the May Morris Director of Libraries. “What a wonderful service to scholarship!”

“I am delighted that John Boyer's important research is now available to the broader scholarly community throughout the world,” said Nancy Targett, dean of the College of Marine and Earth Studies.

The University of Delaware Institutional Repository is a library system that uses DSpace open-source software to make University of Delaware original research available in digital form, including technical reports, working papers, conference papers, images and more, through one interface. The Institutional Repository is limited to materials for which the copyright or electronic rights are owned by the author or the University.

Information about placing research in the Institutional Repository is available by calling the administrative office of the library at (302 ) 831-2231 or by sending an e-mail to Sandra Millard, assistant director for Library Public Services at [skm@udel.edu] or William Simpson, senior assistant librarian, Reference Department, at [wsimpson@udel.edu].