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180 employees honored with service awards

10:43 a.m., Nov. 10, 2006--A luncheon honoring 180 faculty and staff celebrating five, 10 and 15 years at the University was held at noon, Wednesday, Nov. 1, in the Multipurpose Room of the Trabant University Center.

Those recognized at the Service Awards Luncheon included 88 employees with five years of service, for a total of 440 years at UD; 53 employees with 10 years of service for a total of 530 years at UD; and 39 employees with 15 years of service for a total of 585 years at UD.

Those honored, their years of employment at UD and office or unit are listed below.

15 Years

Anne E. Bowler, Sociology
Ida V. Brinkley, Facilities
Diana L. Brinkley, Human Resources
William John Cain, Biological Sciences
Anne Agnes Colwell, UD Academic Center
Judith A. David, Facilities
Lisa W. Dorey, University Relations
Susan G. Dubil, CHEP Office of Student Support Services
Earl Edwards Jr., Facilities
Betty S. Farmer, Facilities
Sue Fuhrmann, School of Education
Joanne Hannagan, Facilities
William Hawkins, Agriculture Research and Education
Donna M. Hendrie, Student Health Services
Linda L. Hickman, Graduate Studies
Linda F. Holmes, Facilities
Teresa Holton, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Chester A. Javorsky, Facilities
Barbara L. Kreppel, Administrative Services
Daniel J. Leathers, Geography
Ajay K. Manrai, Business Administration
Robert P. McClay, Facilities
Mark Miller, Foreign Language and Literatures
Kathleen M. Minke, School of Education
Russell E. Murray Jr., Music
Charlene J. Mylin, Information Technologies
Nadine Neiger, Engineering
Lori L. Pollock, Computer and Information Sciences
Lois D. Potter, English
James Raths, School of Education
William E. Reinike Jr., Facilities
Mary P. Richards, English
Debra Lee Sage, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences
John E. Sawyer, Business Administration
Janice A. Selekman, School of Nursing
Jacqueline Simpkins, Facilities
Priscilla A. Smith, Fine Arts and Visual Communication
Deborah J. Smith, Facilities
Robert A. Williams, Library

10 Years

Patricia S. Barber, Food and Resource Economics
Victoria Becker, Sociology
Michael M. Blyskal, Facilities
Louis Charles Borsos, Network and Systems Services
Linda L. Brannen, Biological Sciences
Amy Lynn Broadhurst, Plant and Soil Sciences
Thomas S. Buchanan, Mechanical Engineering
Martha J. Buell, Individual and Family Studies
Joanne E. Burchard, Physics and Astronomy
Jinfa Cai, Mathematical Sciences
Pei Chiu, Civil and Environmental Engineering
George R. Conrade, Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management
Ruth Crump, Admissions
Darwin J. Davis, Business Administration
Cheryl Alice Davis-Robinson, Arts and Sciences
Keith S. Decker, Computer and Information Sciences
Peter X. Feng, English
Ronald L. Ford, Facilities
Guang R. Gao, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bethany A. Hall-Long, School of Nursing
Arlene Hitchens, Business and Economics - Finance
Bobby W. Hubbard, Facilities
David A. Hutchins, Marine and Earth Studies
Mckay B. Jenkins, English
Rolf D. Joerger, Animal and Food Sciences
Ann M. Jornlin, School of Education
Chandra Kambhamettu, Computer and Information Sciences
John T. Koh, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Shwu H. Leung, Library
Ralph L. Mason III, English Language Institute
Mary Ann McLane, Medical Technology
Barry S. Miller, Recreation Services
Susan L. Miller, Sociology
Norbert Mulders, Physics and Astronomy
Maria C. Pautler, Plant and Soil Sciences
Robyn M. Phillips, Fine Arts and Visual Communication
Mary Ruth Pierce, Office of the University Registrar
Kristen E. Poole, English
Wiley E. Reeves, Facilities
Riccarda Saggese, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Christine Y. Schultz, Admissions
Cynthia W. Shenkle, Arts and Sciences
Nancy M. Smallwood, Student Health Services
Suzanne F. Stanley, Office of the University Registrar
Rachel A. Strickland, Health Sciences
Sheri L. Sutton, Public Relations
Eileen A. Tarkett, Public Safety
Erlinda C. Wheeler, School of Nursing
Deborah L. Whitesel, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Burt Wilson, Procurement Services
Elsie Fay Wood, CHNS Special Programs
Xiang-Gen Xia, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Julian D. Yates, English

Five Years

Sami Abdel-Salam, Academic Enrichment Center
Benigno E. Aguirre, Sociology
Jean E. Anderson, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences
Grant A. Bacon, Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies
Krzysztof P. Bakowski, Facilities
Brenda L. Ball, Public Safety
Patricia Barcus, Internal Auditing
John A. Bartley, UD Academic Center
Eric R. Benson, Bioresources Engineering
Marion A. Bernard-Amos, Center for International Studies
Stephen A. Bernhardt, English
Deborah E. Boyer, Center for Disabilities Studies
Teresa Brower, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy
Benjamin T. Bruening, Linguistics
John P. Brunelle, Center for Counseling and Student Development
Eileen L. Burns, General Accounting
Xiaomei Cai, Communication
Meera Chung, Facilities
Jason D. Clifton, Public Safety
Cihan Cobanoglu, Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management
Crystal L. Coburn, Facilities
William Thomas Coder, Intercollegiate Athletics Program
David A. Costrini, Management Information Services
Bryan R. Crissinger, Mathematical Sciences
Joseph M. Deitzel, Center for Composite Materials
Eve Magdelene Ellis, Library
Joseph Filippone, Jr., Facilities
Jeremy Mark Firestone, Marine and Earth Studies
April Fitzpatrick, School of Education
Barbara Ford, Political Science and International Relations
Eric M. Furst, Chemical Engineering
Nancy Getchell, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences
Carol C. Gillund, Student Health Services
John E. Gizis, Physics and Astronomy
Brad J. Glass, School of Education
Heather Gooden, Cooperative Extension Service
Noel M. Goodstadt, Physical Therapy
Cristina Maria Guardiola-Griffiths, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Michael William Haney, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jeffrey H. Harris, Business and Economics, Finance
Carolyn S. Herst, Conference Services
Theresa L. Hessey, Library
Deborah A. Hill, University Development
Melissa Turner Hopkins, School of Urban Affairs
Gladys M. Ilarregui, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Francis M. Karani, Office of Laboratory Animal Medicine
Kristi Lynn Kiick, Materials Science
Dieadra D. Kirchner, Marine and Earth Studies
Mary Layton, Library
Jong Ho Lee, Facilities
Debra M Lightcap, Office of the University Registrar
Lisa A. Malbone, Professional and Continuing Studies
Ian R. McCann, Bioresources Engineering
Anne C. McCullin, Foreign Student and Scholar Services
Michael J. McGuinness, Facilties
Patrick W. McMahon, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Cynthia Munyan, Judicial Affairs
Eric T. Nelson, Public Relations
Linda A. Nimtz, Materials Science
Kristal Denise Olowolafe, Delaware Biotechnology Institute
Elizabeth M. Orsega-Smith, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences
Diana L. Palladino, Public Safety
Balaji Panchapakesan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Robert E. Pekala, Delaware Biotechnology Institute
Verlyn T. Rayfield, Facilities
Martha J. Reyes, Facilities
Ruth W. Riale, Housing Assignment Services
Matthew J. Robinson, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences
Randolph T. Rokosz, Marine and Earth Studies
Maura B. Ruffing, University Development
Michael J. Rusch, Student Centers
Kausik Sarkar, Mechanical Engineering
Stuart Semmel, History
William S. Simpson, Library
John Joseph Smith, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences
Mark E. Stanton, Psychology
Fritz Szabo, Theatre
Mamie Turner, Library
John J. Vacca, Individual and Family Studies
Geoffrey H. Walser, Small Business Development Center
Siyan Wang, Economics
Mark E. Warner, Marine and Earth Studies
Joann D. Watts, Facilities
Mary Margaret Werth, Art History
Donna J. Wyre, Delaware Biotechnology Institute
Neelima Yarlagadda, Center for Composite Materials
Jeffrey M. Yarnall, Facilities
Neal J. Zondlo, Chemistry and Biochemistry

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