A Message for the University

May 8, 2007

To the University of Delaware community:

Educational institutions depend on the fair and open exchange of ideas, and crucial to that exchange is respect for others.

This week, much attention has been drawn to a party attended by several students that celebrated racist stereotypes of Latino/Latina culture. The full University response to this provocation is not yet apparent, but clearly such actions are counter to the values we endorse as a University, specifically the commitment to celebrate the diversity of our culture. Please know that the University of Delaware will evidence that ours must be a diverse and supportive community that provides a safe and hospitable environment for all students, faculty and staff, without regard to racial and ethnic background, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

I urge all members of the student body, faculty, staff and professionals to join me in decrying insensitive and thoughtless behavior that can cause hurt to others. We must work together to ensure that everyone in our community feels the support that is crucial for them to accomplish their educational and personal goals.


David P. Roselle