Delaware Review of Latin American Studies
Vol. 6   No. 1   June 30, 2005

Articles Dedicated to:
Latin American Cities
A Symposium on the representation and use of urban spaces
April 7 - 8, 2005
University of Delaware
Presentations Movement:

Arbona, Juan ManuelReading the City as (Social) Movement: El Alto, Bolivia - October 2003. Growth and Structure of Cities, Bryn Mawr College 

Piccato, Pablo.   Urban Communities and Crime in Twentieth Century Mexico City.  History, Columbia University 

Biron, Rebecca EMexico City: The Sewer and the Metro. Latin American Studies, University of Miami


Berrizbeitia, Anita. Parque del Este, Caracas: Between a Critical Naturalism and a Critical Formalism. Landscape Architecture & Urban Design, University of Pennsylvania


Ramírez Pimienta, Juan Carlos. Border of Words/Border of Images: Tijuana and Los Algodones. Spanish, San Diego State University

Thomas, Lorrin. Migrant Citizens and the Politics of Citizenship: The Puerto Rican Diaspora in Depression-Era New York City. History, Rutgers Camden

Domínguez, Mónica. Artistic Dis/Placement in Colonial Maracaibo. Art History, University of Delaware

Symposium sponsored by:
The University of Delaware College of Arts & Sciences / Latin American Studies Program / Office of Women's Affairs / Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures / Center for International Studies / With Grants/Assistance from The Greater Philadelphia Human Studies Consortium / The Greater Philadelphia Latin American Studies Consortium / The University of Pennsylvania Latin American and Latino Stuides Program.
Book Reviews

Schmidt-Cruz, CynthiaGabo y Fidel: El Paisaje de un amistad.By Ángel Esteban and Stéphanie Panichelli

Schwartz, Norman. The Struggle for Indigenous Rights in Latin America. Nancy Grey Postero and Leon Zamosc, editors.

Last updated June 23, 2005