2016 Participants & Graduates

Mr. Branko Andrievski
Country: Macedonia
Sport: Basketball
Project Title: Long Term Develoment Model of Young Basketball Players in Macedonia
Email: bandrievski@yahoo.com





Mr. Oscar Arnold
Country: Belize
Sport: Volleyball
Project Title: Setting Belizean Volleyball on the Path to Success
Email: polo_1914@hotmail.com





Ms. Makelesi Batimala
Country: Fiji
Sport: Athletics
Project Title: High Performance Plan for Athletcs Fiji 2017 - 2024
Email: makelesi.batimala@gmail.com





Mr. Lionel Blokland
Country: Suriname
Sport: Volleyball
Project Title: Development of Neighborhood Volleyball in Suriname





Ms. Evelina Burneo
Country: Ecuador
Sport: Fencing
Project Title: Promoting the Sport of Fencing as a Healthy and Enriching Sport for All
Email: evelinaburneo@hotmail.com





Mr. Justice Dipeba
Country: Botswana
Sport: Athletics
Project Title: Development of a Strength and Conditioning Education program for National Coaches in Botswana
Email: lenah25@yahoo.com





Mr. Kyle Dougan
Country: St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Sport: Swimming
Project Title: Waterproofing St. Vincent & the Grenadines





Mr. Ahmed  Elmenshawy
Country: Egypt
Sport: Judo
Project Title: Create Physiological Profile for Eilte Judokas in Egypt
Email: ahmed.elmanshawy@phed.tanta.edu





Mr. Carlton Felix
Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Sport: Rugby
Project Title: Long Term Athlete Development for Women's Rugby in Trindidad and Tobago
Email: carltonfelix@hotmail.com





Mr. Boikie Gama
Country: South Africa
Sport: Athletics
Project Title: Grassroots Development Program to Attract Junior Girls from Age 9 - 16 Years in Athletics
Email: boikie02@gmail.com





Mr. Francisco Antonio Castellanos García
Country: Guatemala
Sport: Athletics 
Project Title: Development Program for Young Athletes 12-15 Years for National Federation of Athletics
Email: francg91@hotmail.com





Ms. Romina Giraldo
Country: Peru
Sport: Synchronized Swimming
Project Title: Coach Education for Synchronized Swimming in Peru
Email: romina.giraldohuertasdelpino@gmail.com





Ms. Alva Grisel Torres Gomez
Country: Aruba
Sport: Synchronized Swimming
Project Title: Early Identifivation of Elite Sync Swimmers in Aruba
Email: alvasychro@gmail.com






Mr. Jadulla Hassan
Country: Maldives
Sport: Table Tennis
Project Title: Gateway to Islanders for Table Tennis, Maldvies (Grass Roots Participation Initiative)
Email: jade.bistro3@gmail.com





Mr. Aabid Hammour
Country: Sudan
Sport: Swimming
Project Title: Open Water Swimming Development Program






Mr. Edward Kassman
Country: Papua New Guinea
Sport: Taekwondo
Project Title:

Email: ekassman@hotmail.com





Mr. Odbayar Khasbaatar
Country: Mongolia
Sport: Table Tennis
Project Title: Long term Development for Table Tennis Athletes
Email: odbayar.kh@gmail.com





Mr. Francis Manioru
Country: Solomon Islands
Sport: Athletics
Project Title: Training Design for Sprinters in the Solomon Islands
Email: fmanioru2012@gmail.com







Mr. Bobson Mansaray
Country: Sierra Leone
Sport: Swimming
Project Title: Development of Teaching Swimming to Coaches in Sierra Leone
Email: bobswim2016@gmail.com





Mr. Fulvio Miyata
Country: Brazil
Sport: Judo
Project Title: Judo Olympic Cycle. Compare Two Different Training Models and Control Controlling Load of Olympic Athletes.
Email: fulviom@uol.com.br




Mr. Peter Simon
Country: Uganda
Sport: Swimming
Project Title: Estbalish Grass Roots Junior Clubs in Schools
Email: kanungu2000@gmail.com





Mr. Kenneth Payne
Country: Barbados
Sport: Rugby
Project Title: Training to Compete in Womens Rugby Sevens in Barbados
Email: kpayne1@hotmail.com





Mr. Harinelina Mickael Rakotondramanana
Country: Madagascar
Sport: Fencing
Project Title: Development of Fencing in Madagascar
Email: jackietou@yahoo.fr





Mr. Tito Restrepo
Country: Colombia
Sport: Cycling
Project Title: Guidelines for Road Cycling Initiation Program Making Champions





Mr. Wisam Seder
Country: Palestine
Sport: Taekwondo
Project Title: Palestine Taekwondo Talent ID
Email: wisam_sdr@yahoo.com 





Mr. Valeriu Tomescu
Country: Romania
Sport: Rowing
Project Title: Development and Implementation of Specific Lab Testing and Monitoring for Better Manipulation and Peridiozation of Annual Training Plans
Email: olimpicsus@yahoo.com





Mr. Alexei Vasilianov
Country: Moldova
Sport: Modern Pentathlon 
Project Title: Grassroots Sport Development in a Restricted Financial Situation in Modern Pentathlon in Moldova





Mr. Oscar Ramiro Videa
Country: Bolivia
Sport: Tennis
Project Title: Developing a Grassroots Tennis Program and Talent ID in Bolivia
Email: tennisrvv@hotmail.com





Mr. Mohammad Ziaul Hoque
Country: Bangladesh
Sport: Archery
Project Title: Archery Coaches Development Program in Bangladesh
Email: zia7arc@gmail.com





Mr. Yuri Yogev
Country: Israel
Sport: Archery
Project Title:
Email: y.yogev.archery@gmail.com