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Major Codes Table

Revised 9/27/06
Code Major
*Sorted by Major
ACC Accounting
ABEC Ag Business Mgmt/Ag Economics
EAG Agency Counseling
ABT Agribusiness Technology
AER Agric Econ (Resource Econ & Ru
AREC Agricultural and Resource Econ
ATED Agricultural and Technology Ed
ABM Agricultural Business Manageme
AEC Agricultural Economics
AEP Agricultural Economics (Produc
AED Agricultural Education
AET Agricultural Engineering Techn
AGM Agricultural Mechanization
AGT Agricultural Technology
AGU Agriculture - Undeclared
AGR Agronomy
AMS American Studies
APS Animal and Plant Science
ANS Animal Science
ANB Animal Science and Agricultura
ANT Anthropology
XAN Anthropology Education
APD Apparel Design
APMT Applied Mathematics
AMU Applied Music
AMI Applied Music - Instrumental
AMP Applied Music - Piano
AMV Applied Music - Voice
APN Applied Nutrition
MAA Applied Sc - Mechanical and Ae
ASC Applied Sciences
CHA Applied Sciences - Chemical En
CVA Applied Sciences - Civil Engin
CSM Applied Sciences - Computer &
EEA Applied Sciences - Electrical
MAP Applied Sciences - Mathematica
MEA Applied Sciences - Mechanical
MET Applied Sciences - Metallurgy
PSM Applied Sciences - Physics
ST Applied Sciences - Statistics
ARC Art Conservation
ACR Art Conservation Research
ARE Art Education
XAE Art Education
ARH Art History
ASU Arts and Science - Undeclared
AT Athletic Training
ATI Athletic Training Interest
BES Behavioral Sciences
BIL Bilingual Education
BIOC Biochemistry
BBT Biological Science (Biotechnol
BSE Biological Science Education
XBE Biological Science Education
BIS Biological Sciences
NRB Biological Sciences/Neuroscien
BMSC Biomechanics and Movement Scie
BET Bioresources Engineering Techn
BAS Black American Studies
BS Black American Studies
BUS Business Administration
BAF Business Administration (Finan
BAM Business Administration (Marke
BAO Business Administration (Opera
EMB Business Administration and Ec
BAA Business Administration(Admini
BEU Business and Economics - Undec
BUE Business Education
ABE Business Education Certificate
CBE Business Education Certificate
SBE Business Education Certificate
CHE Chemical Engineering
CBA Chemistry
CBS Chemistry
CHEM Chemistry
CHM Chemistry
CHBC Chemistry and Biochemistry
XCE Chemistry Education
CED Chemistry Education
CD Child Development
CE Civil Engineering
CLST Classical Studies
CLS Classics
XCL Classics Education
CLI Climatology
CBU Clothing in Business and Indus
COM Communication
COMI Communication Interest
CF Community and Family Services
CFS Community and Foreign Services
CN Community Nutrition
CL Comparative Literature
CIS Computer and Information Scien
CS Computer and Information Scien
CIA Computer and Information Scien
CPEG Computer Engineering
CEC Consumer Economics
CB Consumer Economics (Business)
CC Consumer Economics (Communicat
CEST Continental European Studies
CUD Coordinated Undergraduate Diet
CJ Criminal Justice
CJA Criminal Justice
CJS Criminal Justice
CRM Criminology
CUL Cultural Foundations
CIL Curriculum - Instruction - Lea
EICX Curriculum and Instruction
DES Design
DIE Dietetics
DIET Dietetics
DFA Dietetics and Food Administrat
DA Dramatic Arts
EED Dramatic Arts and Speech Educa
EAC Early American Culture
ECDE Early Childhood Development an
ESC Earth and Space Science Educat
XES Earth Science Education
EAST East Asian Studies
EBS Economics
EC Economics
EBA Economics
ECA Economics - Arts and Science
XEC Economics Education
ECED Economics for Educators
EPD Educ Psychology, Research, Hum
EDUC Education
EDUS Education
EDU Education - Undeclared
EHD Education (Applied Human Devel
ECI Education (Cognition and Instr
ECO Education (Cognition)
COU Education (College Counseling)
EBE Education (Computer Based Educ
EIC Education (Curriculum and Inst
ECU Education (Curriculum)
ECE Education (Economics Education
EHI Education (Educational History
EEL Education (Educational Leaders
EPH Education (Educational Philoso
EPO Education (Educational Policy)
EEP Education (Educational Psychol
ESO Education (Educational Sociolo
EEC Education (Exceptional Childre
EHG Education (Human Development)
INS Education (Instruction)
EIN Education (Instructional Psych
ERD Education (Measurement, Statis
OTE Education (Occupational Teache
ESR Education (Psychology of Readi
ERL Education (Reading and Languag
ADM Educational Administration
EF Educational Foundations
EDL Educational Leadership
EELX Educational Leadership
EPR Educational Psychology - Resea
EDS Educational Studies
ECEG Electrical and Computer Engine
EE Electrical Engineering
ELE Elementary Education
ELG Elementary Education - General
ELK Elementary Education - Kinderg
ELS Elementary Education - Special
ETE Elementary Teacher Education
EGU Engineering - Undeclared
CHB Engineering Administration - C
CEB Engineering Administration - C
EBU Engineering Administration - U
EEB Engineering Administration-Ele
MEB Engineering Administration-Mec
ETM Engineering Technology
ENG English
EBT English - Business and Technic
EFM English - Film
EFL English - Folklore
EJR English - Journalism
XEE English Education
ENE English Education
QQQ English, Comparative Literatur
ENT Entomology
ENAE Entomology and Applied Ecology
EPP Entomology and Plant Pathology
ENEP Environmental and Energy Polic
ENEG Environmental Engineering
ENSC Environmental Science
ESOS Environmental Soil Sciences
EECX Exceptional Children and Youth
EXSS Exercise and Sports Science
EXSC Exercise Science
EXSI Exercise Science Interest
FCS Family and Community Services
FAM Family Studies
FM Fashion Merchandising
FIN Finance
FA Fine Arts
FABM Food and Agribusiness Manageme
FN Food and Nutrition
FNS Food and Nutrition Science
FB Food Business
FBMT Food Business Management and T
FSC Food Science
FSHN Food Science and Human Nutriti
FHN Food Science and Human Nutriti
FST Food Science and Technology
FBU Foods in Business
FLL Foreign Languages and Literatu
FL4 Foreign Languages and Literatu
FLS Foreign Languages and Literatu
FLR Foreign Languages and Literatu
FLN Foreign Languages and Literatu
FLI Foreign Languages and Literatu
FLG Foreign Languages and Literatu
FLC Foreign Languages and Literatu
FL3 Foreign Languages and Literatu
FLF Foreign Languages and Literatu
FLP Foreign Languages and Pedagogy
FR French
FRE French Education
XFR French Education
FRST French Studies
FRPS French/Political Science
FHP Freshman Honors Program
GAG General Agriculture
GCO General Counseling
GFN General Food and Nutrition
GUI General Guidance
GHE General Home Economics
GSB General Science - Biological S
GSC General Science - Chemistry
GSE General Science - Earth Scienc
GSM General Science - Mathematics
GSP General Science - Physics
GSI General Science Education
GGM Geography
GGS Geography
GGY Geography
GEOG Geography
XGE Geography Education
GEA Geology
GLG Geology
GES Geology
GEO Geology
GEOL Geology
GPS Geophysics
GER German
GRE German Education
XGR German Education
QGS German Education, Spanish Educ
GRST German Studies
GRPS German/Political Science
GRU Graduate - Undeclared
GD Graphic Design
EGC Guidance - Elementary Educatio
EGG Guidance - Secondary Education
HPEI Health and Physical Education
HPE Health and Physical Education
HBMI Health Behavior Management Int
HLPR Health Promotion
HSAD Health Services Administration
HLST Health Studies
HIS History
HJR History (Journalism)
HFL History and Foreign Languages
XHE History Education
CDE Home Economics - Child Develop
HEC Home Economics - Communication
HES Home Economics - Consumer Serv
HEE Home Economics Education
HCD Home Economics Education - Chi
HCO Home Economics Education - Com
HEF Home Economics Education - Foo
HET Home Economics Education - Tex
HEX Home Economics Extension Servi
HEV Home Economics Teacher Educati
HRT Horticulture
HRM Hotel, Restaurant and Institut
HDFP Human Development and Family P
HDFS Human Development and Family S
HGD Human Growth and Development
HN Human Nutrition
HEU Human Resources - Undeclared
HRA Human Resources Administration
CHEP Human Services, Education, and
IFS Individual and Family Studies
INSY Information Systems
ISTM Information Systems and Techno
INSX Instruction
IST Interdisciplinary Studies
IND Interior Design
IB International Business
IR International Relations
IS Irish Studies
IT Italian
XIT Italian Education
JS Jewish Studies
LH Landscape Horticulture
LHT Landscape Horticulture
EAE Language Arts - Elementary Edu
EAS Language Arts - Secondary Educ
ELA Language Arts Education
LAN Languages
LL Languages and Literatures
LAT Latin
LAS Latin American Studies
LED Latin Education
XLE Latin Education
LCE Leadership and Consumer Econom
ELC Learning and Cognition
EPI Learning and Instruction
LGS Legal Studies
LA Liberal Arts
LAC Liberal Arts - Chemical Engine
LAV Liberal Arts - Civil Engineeri
LAE Liberal Arts - Electrical Engi
LAEG Liberal Arts - Engineering
LEG Liberal Arts - Engineering
LAM Liberal Arts - Mechanical Engi
AEU Liberal Arts Engineering - Und
LS Liberal Studies
LIB Library Science
LD Life Span Development
LIN Linguistics
MGT Management
MIS Management Information & Decis
MISY Management Information Systems
MP Marine Policy
MAR Marine Studies
MRS Marine Studies
MS Marine Studies
MKT Marketing
MSC Materials Science
MTA Mathematical Sciences
MTS Mathematical Sciences
MTH Mathematics
MATH Mathematics
EME Mathematics - Elementary Educa
EMS Mathematics - Secondary Educat
MAEC Mathematics and Economics
MTE Mathematics Education
XMS Mathematics Education
MEJ Mathematics Education - Junior
XMJ Mathematics Education - Junior
MES Mathematics Education - Senior
MAE Mechanical and Aerospace Engin
ME Mechanical Engineering
MDH Medical Humanities
MLT Medical Laboratory Technician
MDT Medical Technology
MT Medical Technology
MTI Medical Technology Interest
HSM Medical Technology Interest
MDS Medieval Studies
MST Museum Studies
MUS Music
MUE Music Education
XMU Music Education
XMV Music Education - General/Chor
MUI Music Education - Instrumental
XMI Music Education - Instrumental
MEI Music Education - Instrumental
MUP Music Education - Piano/Organ
XMP Music Education - Piano/Organ
MEP Music Education - Piano/Organ
MEV Music Education - Voice
MUV Music Education - Voice
MTC Music Theory and Composition
MUSP Musical Performance
MSD Musical Studies
NRM Natural Resource Management
NSC Natural Science
ESA Natural Science Education - Ag
ESB Natural Science Education - Bi
ESG Natural Science Education - Ge
NRS Neuroscience
NONE Not Required
NRQ2 Not Required
NRQ Not Required
NRQ1 Not Required
NMT Nuclear Medical Technology
HKN Nursery and Kindergarten Educa
NKED Nursery and Kindergarten Educa
NUR Nursing
BRN Nursing
NTN Nutrition
NS Nutritional Sciences
OTA Occupational Teacher Education
OTH Occupational Teacher Education
OTI Occupational Teacher Education
OTB Occupational Teacher Educ-Busi
OCEG Ocean Engineering
OC Oceanography
OSA Office Systems Administration
QOC1 On Course Use Only
QOC2 On Course Use Only
OM Operations Management
ORM Operations Research
ORU Operations Research
ORA Operations Research
OR Operations Research
ORB Operations Research
OEDC Organizational Effectiveness
ORH Ornamental Horticulture
PAL Paleobiology
PHL Philosophy
PEA Physical Education
PE Physical Education
PEH Physical Education and Health
PES Physical Education Studies
PEF Physical Education Studies (Fi
PHE Physical Science Education
XPE Physical Science Education
PTH Physical Therapy
PYT Physical Therapy
PTHI Physical Therapy Interest
HSP Physical Therapy Interest
PS Physics
PBS Physics
PBA Physics
PSE Physics Education
XPS Physics Education
PLSS Plant and Soil Sciences
PLBI Plant Biology
PLP Plant Pathology
PLPR Plant Protection
PLS Plant Science
PSA Plant Science (Agronomy)
PSG Plant Science (General)
PSH Plant Science (Ornamental Hort
PSP Plant Science (Pathology)
PSC Political Science
PSIR Political Science and Internat
XPC Political Science Education
EPE Population and Environmental E
PKE Primary and Kindergarten Educa
PSY Psychology
PSYCH Psychology
XPY Psychology Education
NRP Psychology/Neuroscience
PUA Public Administration
PUB Public Administration
PHA Public Horticulture
REA Reading
ERE Reading - Elementary Education
ERS Reading - Secondary Education
ERM Reading and Language Education
RPA Recreation and Park Administra
RLS Religious Studies
RES Research and Evaluation
RU Russian
RUE Russian Education
XRU Russian Education
ECS School Counseling
ESP School Psychology
ESE Science Education
SED Secondary Education
SEC Secretarial Studies
ESF Social Foundations of Educatio
SSC Social Science Education
STA Social Studies - Anthropology
STE Social Studies - Economics
STG Social Studies - Geography
STH Social Studies - History
STO Social Studies - Political Sci
STP Social Studies - Psycholgy
STS Social Studies - Sociology
ESS Social Studies Education
XSA Social Studies Education - Ant
XSE Social Studies Education - Eco
XSG Social Studies Education - Geo
XSH Social Studies Education - His
XSO Social Studies Education - Pol
XSS Social Studies Education - Soc
SOC Sociology
XSC Sociology Education
SP Spanish
SPE Spanish Education
XSP Spanish Education
SPST Spanish Studies
SPPS Spanish/Political Science
ESD Special Educ - Socially and Em
SPD Special Education
ESM Special Education - Mentally R
SCE Speech and Communication Educa
XAS Speech Arts Education
STAT Statistics
SBA Statistics
SBS Statistics
SCS Statistics and Computer Scienc
SAHE Student Affairs Practice in Hi
TESL Teaching English as a Second L
TAH Technology of Artistic and His
TSC Textile Science
TC Textiles and Clothing
TCM Textiles and Clothing - Mercha
TCT Textiles and Clothng Technolog
TI Textiles in Industry
TDC Textiles, Design and Consumer
THE Theatre
TAE Theatre Arts Education
XTA Theatre Arts Education
THPR Theatre Production
TLH Turf and Landscape Horticultur
UNKN Unspecified
UNS Unspecified Major
UA Urban Affairs
UAP Urban Affairs and Public Polic
VC Visual Communication
VS Vocational Studies
WC Wildlife Conservation
WS Women's Studies
YEC Young Exceptional Children