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Processing Tips

Department Transfers

An HR Liaison, with a current employee transferring to their department, can do the following:

  1. Log on to the HRMS Web Views. Browse by Employee Name to verify the employee’s information in the system.
  2. Record the employee’s EMPLID, DEPT ID and Department Name and Status.
  3. Go to the HR Systems Administration web page. Verify the employee’s current HR Liaison from the department listed.
  4. Contact the HR Liaison. Send an email requesting a JED be processed to transfer the employee to the new department.

  5. Include all pertinent information, such as:
    1. The Employee’s Name and EMPLID.
    2. The new Department code
    3. The new Supervisor code
    4. The new HR Liaison code
    5. The effective date the employee will begin to work in the new department
    6. The new Position number / Jobcode
    7. The new Pay Rates
    8. The new Funding distribution
    9. The new Contract information
    10. Any other data required for the transfer
Providing all necessary information will allow the transfer process to be completed with one JED.