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Processing Tips

S Contract Information

Miscellaneous Wage (252 - Salary Admin. Plan) employees generally should not be paid on an S Contract. Misc. Wage employees are paid for work on an hourly basis. If a Misc. Wage employee is going to be paid a flat rate on a regular basis, their Salary Admin. Plan should be changed to Supplemental. A Misc. Wage employee can be paid a flat rate on a S Contract for a one time instance. If a S Contract is generated for a Misc. Wage employee, please note in the comments section of the S Contract this is a one time occurrence.

When submitting S Contracts is it very important to be aware of the employee's Pay Group. The Pay Group determines which dates an employee is paid. If an employee is Bi-Weekly they are paid on the Bi-Weekly payschedule. The S Contract needs to reflect the Bi-Weekly pay dates, not Semi Monthly pay dates.