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Processing Tips

PIN Assignment

HR Liaisons are able to help ALL of their employees establish or change PIN numbers. UD retirees must come into HR Payroll to have his or her PIN reset.

The employee must come to the HR Liaison in person to establish a PIN number. The HR Liaison must establish positive identity of the employee by requesting a Picture ID. Once the employee’s identity has been established, the HR Liaison then logs into the webbased PIN system.The HR Liaison or Employee will enter the employee’s UD ID, followed by the employee entering their chosen 4-10 digit numeric PIN and once again to verify, as illustrated below.

After a PIN has been established or changed, an email is generated by the system stating the PIN number has been changed. The PIN is now active in the computer system allowing for immediate access to some portions of the UD network. However, a nightly refresh is required to complete the employee's access rights.

Once a PIN has been established by the HR Liaison, the employee is then able to change their PIN from any UD CAS Login Page by clicking "Change your PIN," as shown below.