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Processing Tips

Questions to ask before paying students and miscellaneous wage employees

The following information is being offered to help the HR Liaisons process payment for Students and Miscellaneous Wage employees. When a Misc. Wage/Student employee is new to your department it would be helpful to ask a few general questions:

Has the employee ever worked for the University, if so for what department? If the employee has not worked for the University a New Hire JED and support documents must be processed.

If the employee has worked for the University in a different department, the HR Liaison needs to be contacted. The status of the employee must be verified. Unlike the old payroll system, PeopleSoft will only pay employees who are active. PeopleSoft will not pay employees who are terminated or on leave. If the employee will not be working for the other department, a JED needs to be processed to transfer the employee to the new department.

Is the employee a graduate student? If a graduate student is on leave, any GNCP’s processed for the grad student will not be paid.

Asking these questions can help eliminate errors when processing pay.