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Processing Tips


Payroll and Systems Administration has a page dedicated to forms.Some of the forms may be completed electronically, while others can be printed.Some of the forms are needed as support documents for electronic JED's.

A reminder to all HR Liaisons, a Support Documentation form must be completed for all New Hire JED's. If applicable the Support Documentation form needs to be completed for JED's. The Support Documentation form is very important to the Payroll and Systems Administration office. The form helps direct the attached information to the correct HR Processor. If documents are sent without the form, it slows the JED process. Please share the Support Documentation form with all employees who process JED's.

A reminder to all HR Liaisons and Payroll Contacts, there is a "Request for Off Cycle Pay Check" form. Please review the instructions for the "Request for Off Cycle Pay Check". Prior to completing the form, an email MUST be sent to secure permission. The email MUST be sent to If an email is sent to an individual in our office, it may not be addressed as quickly. An example, if the person is out of the office for the day.

The forms mentioned above can be located at