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Processing Tips

PeopleSoft Address Format

UD will use both the Home and Mailing Address options. The home address fields are used for the employee's/student's (local) home street address only. It will be used to generate the state tax record for payroll. In most cases, the home address will be the local address where the state=DE (for Delaware).

For those employees who are Non-Resident Aliens, you will enter their permanent home country address in the Home Address panel and their local address after clicking the Edit Mailing Address button.

The Standard address conventions are as follows:

  • North, South, East, or West in front of or as part of the street address will be a capital letter and a period (e.g., S. College Avenue).
  • Northwest, Southwest, etc., at the end of the street name will be two capitalized letters with no periods or commas (e.g., Pennsylvania Avenue NW).
  • Street, Avenue, Lane, etc in the address will be spelled out.
  • Apartment numbers will go on the second address line and will be abbreviated as Apt. 2.