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Employee Merit Screen Navigation Aids

System Information:
  1. The online merit system can be found at:
  2. A tutorial and instructions can be found at:
  3. Merit must be accessed with the Internet Explorer browser. Bad data and calculations may occur if other browsers are used.
  4. Save changes often so data will not be lost.
Screen Navigation:
  1. Choose the current year 12-13 Employee Merit Increase on the Main Menu.
  2. Choose the Department User(EM) Group to be reviewed.
  3. Choose the Make Changes button within each Personnel Category to enter detailed information for employees.
  4. Merit can be entered three ways:
    • Merit %
    • Merit Increase
    • EM Annual Rate

    When entering merit by Merit Increase or EM Annual Rate amounts, the percentage is calculated to four decimals (0.0000) but rounded to display only two decimals (0.00) in Merit %.

  5. Comments can be added for changes being made. Select comments and then save changes.
  6. When screens are completed, the "Send to" input box should be filled in with other reviewers or the Final Approver as appropriate. Select Finish & Submit.
  7. Final Approvers must return screens to Records Management at
  1. Before submitting any EM JED, ‘Save Changes’ must be selected so as not to lose any work already submitted on the merit screens.
  2. Only select the Action ‘JED’ one time per employee while in the merit screens. Multiple selects will result in multiple EM JED’s being originated and will create too high a JED increase.
  3. Originating an EM JED will open a new browser window.
  4. Approvals are not populated on the EM JED except for a Final Approver in those units where one is set up. If the approval of a Supervisor, Account Code Administrator, etc is required by the unit, that person will need to be added to the routing by the originator of the EM JED.
  5. Copies are not automatically generated. If an Originator, Supervisor, HR Liaison or the Employee themselves need a copy, that person will need to be added to the routing by the originator of the EM JED.
  6. When the ‘Finish and Submit’ button is selected on the EM JED, the originator will be returned to their Web Forms inbasket. The originator should not “log out” if they will be doing additional EM JED’s for other employees.
  7. Once the EM JED has been submitted, the originator must return to the merit screens and select 'Save Changes' to properly record the EM JED increase.
  8. If an error message is received while processing an EM JED, contact Records Management at or x8677

If you have questions regarding personnel data on the employee screens, contact your Records Management Analyst via e-mail or at x8677.