Storm Surge Forecasting
At the National Hurricane Center

Robbie Berg
Hurricane Specialist
National Hurricane Center

May 14, 2014

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"Excellent presentation!"

"Great information and very interesting.  Look forward to the forecasts."
Rocky Rhoads
Lee Memorial Health System

"Another excellent presentation. Easy to follow and certainly when the time comes will be easy to apply for your particular part of the coast....."
Jim Eberwine
ACCC College, NJ

"Thanks for the preview of hurricane surge forecasting tools.  Definitely the presentation has spurred me to want to read more about functions of the current and future systems."

"Robbie Berg, the speaker, was terrific - he was energetic, articulate, and responsive to all of the questions. His talk helped me understand some of the 'basics' of the SLOSH model and P-Surge calculations. The material was presented at a level that was appropriate for someone who has heard of/seen  these tools, but doesn't have intimate familiarity with them. Thanks again."
Dan Linehan
Command Post Solutions

"I will like to see more forums like this."
Manuel Berrios

"I found this presentation fascinating. Kudos!"
Isabel McCurdy

"My question was: What about distributing these maps to the public using digital broadcasting with an improved Emergency Alert System? An example application would be to transmit map data using HD Radio to car radio/navigation receivers for display on vehicle maps. An EDXL message could be a wrapper. The transmission would have to use FEC (Forward Error Correction) and other considerations for such an application such as file size limitation to limit the bandwidth for repeated transmissions."
Frank Bell
Kybernetix LLC

"This was an excellent, highly informative presentation! The products that are currently being developed, and/or are in the experimental stage of implementation, have the potential for being extremely useful for both public and private sector mitigation planning, weather forecasters, and the general public. Thank you again for an excellent presentation!"
Ross Sippel

"I often wondered how the forecasting was done."
Ken Knipper

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Robbie Berg is a hurricane specialist at NOAA’s National Hurricane Center in Miami, where he has served since joining the center as a student intern during 2002. He was hired by the Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch (TAFB) of NHC that same year, mainly as a map analyst. Berg was promoted to a marine forecaster with TAFB in 2005 and then promoted to hurricane specialist in 2008. The position involves the issuance of track, intensity, and wind radii forecasts as well as associated watches and warnings for tropical cyclones in the Atlantic and eastern North Pacific ocean basins.

Berg is the NHC focal point for the social science aspects of hurricane forecasting and outreach, and he is an alum of the Weather and Society Integrated Studies (WAS*IS) program, sponsored by the National Center for Atmospheric Research Societal Impacts Program. As a part of that role, he is on a team that coordinates NHC’s social media activities. He also interacts and conducts research with the NHC Storm Surge Team to improve the operational forecasting of hurricane-induced storm surge.

Berg is a presenter and participant in a number of meteorological meetings, including the American Meteorological Society Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology and Conference on Weather Warnings and Communication, NOAA Hurricane Conferences, and Interdepartmental Hurricane Conferences, as well as various meetings, including the National Hurricane Conference and several state hurricane conferences. He is an instructor for several courses aimed at the emergency management community, broadcast meteorologists, NWS forecasters, as well as forecasters from other countries.

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