The National Information Sharing Consortium (NISC)
Sharing Tools and Best Practices to
Improve Situational Awareness and Interoperability

Sean McSpaden
Membership and Outreach Coordinator, NISC
Principal Legislative IT Analyst, State of Oregon Legislative Fiscal Office

November 20, 2013

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"Useful for me to stay current on technology and information sharing opportunities."
Herb White
NOAA/NWS contract support

"This presentation was information-rich.  Thank you!!!"
Jennifer Schaal
WA Emergeny Mgmt Division

"Sean McSpaden is very knowledgeable, thanks for sharing!."

"Informative -- thank you.. Will be interesting to witness how a diverse consortium dedicated to situational awareness will achieve situation awareness consensus -- and geo-spatial temporal metrics and meters consistency "
Steven McGee
SAW Concepts LLC

"Thank you, Amy and Sean.  This program was very enlightening and I'm sure the consortium will be a great help to all who participate in it and will continue to grow in membership as word gets out about it."

"Great discussion and valuable information that was presented ."
Oregon EM

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Over the past 20 years in the public and private sectors, Sean McSpaden has gained operational experience and leadership skills at the executive and management levels. His background includes the start-up and management of several small businesses. His public service experience includes progressively responsible positions as an IT analyst, and in statewide coordination, management and leadership positions with the State of Oregon.

Over the past 15 years, Sean has worked directly with virtually every Oregon state agency, all major IT governing boards, agency business and technology leaders, other states and many federal and local government agencies on a variety of statewide and national information technology issues. From 2008-2013, Sean served as Oregon's Deputy State Chief Information Officer.

Sean currently serves as a Principal Legislative IT Analyst with Oregon's Legislative Fiscal Office. In that role, Sean has responsibility for oversight of Oregonís IT Programs, Projects and Initiatives on behalf of Oregon's Legislative Branch. Sean also serves as Membership and Outreach Coordinator for the NISC. 
The National Information Sharing Consortium (NISC) brings together data owners, custodians, and users involved in the fields of emergency preparedness, management, and response, to drive an ongoing dialogue on how to best leverage efforts related to the governance, development, and sharing of technology, data, and best practices.

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