Cyber Disruption Response Planning Framework
for State, Local, and Regional Entities

Adam Wehrenberg
Project Director
Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program (RCPGP)
Mayor's Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
City of Boston

Kevin O'Shea
Information Security Lead
URS Corporation

June 26, 2013

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"Another timely and critical topic presented by those who have "boots-on-the-ground" experience. Thanks!"
LW Abel [K7LWA]

"Good talk; I learned a lot."

"I look forward to accessing the slides, reading the transcript and obtaining the documents referenced in the presentation (I asked for the docs from the presenters).  Our state is early in the process of developing a Cyber-security Team and my director is facilitating the conversation.  Thanks for the presentation!"
Melinda Gibson
Wyoming Office of Homeland Security

"A critical topic that needs broader attention. Excellent information."

"The planning process brought some great points forward. Effects based planning cuts out a lot of the discussion. And avoids lack of imagination."

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Adam Wehrenberg is the Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program (RCPGP) Project Director for the City of Boston Mayor's Office of Emergency Management (OEM).  He is responsible for the oversight of catastrophic planning activities within the New England Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Initiative (NERCPI), which includes the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the states of New Hampshire and Rhode Island, as well as the Boston and Providence UASI Regions. 

The NERCPI focuses on the establishment of Regional coordination frameworks in project areas such as Cyber Disruption Response, Mass Care and Sheltering, Disaster Housing, Commodities Distribution, and Transportation and Evacuation.  

Prior to his current role, he served OEM as a Regional Planner managing critical infrastructure projects under the Metro-Boston UASI program, and then as Public Safety Manager for Emergency Preparedness for the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, overseeing preparedness initiatives at the four facilities owned by the MCCA.

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Kevin O'Shea has more than 15 years of experience in technical project management across the cyber security, emergency response and infrastructure resiliency domains. Mr. O'Shea is the Project Manager for a multi-year effort to regionalize the state and local response to a catastrophic loss of IT and communications in the New England region. He also served as the lead on the Regional Resiliency Assessment Program which assessed the resilience of the core Energy and Water sectors in the Commonwealth of MA.

Mr. O'Shea previously served as a Homeland Security and Intelligence Specialist for the Technical Analysis Group of Justiceworks / University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH. He also held the position of Research Associate for Project Management for the Technical Analysis Group of Institute for Security Technology Studies in Hanover, NH. He possesses a Masters in Justice from the University of New Hampshire and speaks frequently on the topic of IT resilience.

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