Who Depends On You?
A Public Education Campaign To Move People From Intention to Action

Mary Schoenfeldt
Public Education Coordinator
Office of Emergency Management
City of Everett, Washington

February 27, 2013

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4 star rating 23 Ratings Submitted

5 Stars 12 (52%) Academia 3 (13%)

4 Stars 8 (35%) Business 2 (9%)

3 Stars 3 (13%) Government 11 (52%)

2 Stars 0 (0%) Volunteers 3 (13%)

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"Nice perspective."

"Great presentation and useful information. I enjoy hearing about successful projects that can be adopted by other communities."
Rocky Lopes

"Who Depends on You is very popular in Washington State. It really gets people thinking. I refer to it often during my presentation."
Rosanne Garrand
WA State Emergency Management

"Very useful. I love the program and the information that was provided. It is very encouraging to hear the successes that were had. Public education is a difficult field, and when a program is as successful as this, it gives hope to others to be as successful."

"Thanks so much for the ideas - it is a very hard topic to "sell" to folks and I appreciated hearing about some fresh approaches in doing so! Great campaign!"
Jodi Willemsen
Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health

"This was one of the best prepared and presented topics I've seen at the EM Forum. The Who Depends on You campaign is brilliant!"

"Very excited about Mary Schoenfeldt's concept of "Who Depends on You" campaign and I appreciate her sharing the process with us."
Dee Beaugez

"Thank you for the presentation. I'd be interested in the evaluation of the campaign for effectiveness, as well as any metrics for effectiveness you used."

"I am new to my position and have a need for ideas and materials for push forward employee safety messages. This program will fit my needs and plan to use it in the future. Thanks very much for the information."
Sharon Sparks
Georgia Department of Labor

"Thank you for your presentation. This was interesting and presents information which opens a dialog about preparedness. It is a very good way to begin the conversation about taking care of each other."

"I am the Disaster & Emergency Coordinator for our county and we are in the beginning stage of 'Map Your Neighborhood' which I feel could be a more successful program. All of our offerings depend on participation, of course and no matter which 'hook' we try, denial is a tough wall to knock down. Good Luck to all of us!"
Belinda Van Nurden
Park County, Montana - DES

"Great discussions and very useful insight. Love the fact that the material can be downloaded in several formats after the Webinar."
DoD US Army Africa

"This was presented in a straight forward manner. I like the approach and will use Who Depend on You? to begin a dialogue about safety. Thanks for the good work!"

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Mary Schoenfeldt is considered by many to be an expert in the field of Disaster Psychology and Emergency Management. She is the Public Education Coordinator for City of Everett, Washington Office of Emergency Management, has developed and taught Disaster Psychology courses in two Emergency Management/Homeland Security degree programs and has traveled internationally to teach on a variety of topics. 

Her current public education campaign, Who Depends On You? recently won an award from IAEM and was nominated for a Washington State Cities of Excellence Award.  Her ability to encourage people to action is reflected in her books, articles and contributions to publications for FEMA and US Department of Education.

Mary has been in the field of Emergency Management and Public Education for over 25 years.  Her experience includes both paid and volunteer projects encouraging, managing or responding within the Emergency Management community. She has worked with schools, government, businesses and communities to help them prepare and respond to all types of incidents.
Ms. Schoenfeldt has provided assistance in communities such as Littleton Colorado, San Diego California, New York City, New Orleans, the New Jersey Shore, Newtown Connecticut and others who have experienced devastating events that impacted their way of life.

Ms. Schoenfeldt received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, a United Nations recognized international humanitarian organization, for her pioneering (and continuing cutting edge) work in the field of School Crisis Response, Disaster Mental Health and Emergency Management. Mary has devoted her life, professionally and personally, to helping people prevent, prepared for and recover from traumatic life events.  

In addition to devoting her work life to Crisis Response, she also gives countless volunteer hours to her passion. She is the current International Board President of Green Cross Academy of Traumatology,  has given more than 9 years as a Board Member of the Washington State Critical Incident Stress Management Network, volunteered as Deputy Incident Commander of Green Cross Academy of Traumatology Katrina Response and also led a team into the New Orleans area to provide services to volunteers who were rescuing animals after Katrina and then returned again to New Orleans to work with St. Bernard Parish Public Schools as they struggled to recover and reopen their schools. She recently was the Deputy Incident Commander for Green Cross Response to Super Storm Sandy.  She just returned from Newtown Connecticut where she was asked to join a specialty team to provide guidance and support after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Ms. Schoenfeldt authored the Crisis Response model for all schools in California, has been an advisor to the US Department of Education, Disaster International and other agencies. She has written 4 books, countless magazine articles, is the subject matter expert for several software programs, has produced a DVD to help organizations handle crisis, provides training and is routinely interviewed by print, radio and TV media.  Her materials are used internationally in locations such as Australia, Israel, Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany, Bermuda, Mexico and Canada.

Her knowledge and experience helps bridge the gap between theory and reality and has assisted countless businesses, organizations and people better understand how to prepare and respond to disasters of all kinds.

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