Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning
Avoiding the Rush to Normalcy

Carolyn J. Harshman, MPA, CEM®
Emergency Planning Consultants

December 12, 2012

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"Very well done - extremely useful and thought provoking."

"Excellent ideas. I wish we could incorporate new and innovative ideas from other sectors more readily in the disaster response and recovery fields."

"Appreciate discussion and associated reference materials."

"Found it very enlightening.  Especially as it relates to what was and was not done in our Sandy impacted area."
R. S. Hare

"Great presentation by Carolyn and extremely helpful information.  Would like to hear more ideas from her."
Karen Scott-Martinet
Northrop Grumman Corporation

"Lots of useful information, thanks. "
Kevin Bigelow
Kevin Bigelow-Training & Consulting

"I am very interested in the PowerPoint so that I can share it with my colleagues in our local EM association. We don't often do any planning, let alone recovery and this is a very simple look at how it can be started. Thank you."

"Enjoyed the presentation and would love to see more topics in the Recovery area. Thanks again."

"Good overview and good Q&A, thanks."

"This program was very effective in identifying pre-disaster planning needs."
Regis A. Collins
Navy Branch Health Clinic Mechanicsburg, PA

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Carolyn J. Harshman, CEM is President of Emergency Planning Consultants, a company she established as a sole proprietor in 1984 in response to a growing need for consulting services in the area of emergency management. Prior to establishing her consulting business, Carolyn worked as a hazard planner and public information officer for the County of San Diego Office of Emergency Services.

Ms. Harshman’s background in land use planning established her as a subject matter expert in the field of hazard mitigation and risk assessment. In addition, she has many years of experience in delivering other emergency management plans, training, and exercises. Plans have included emergency operations plans, hazard mitigation plans, reconstruction and recovery plans, continuity of operations plans, continuity of government plans, and continuity of operations plans.

Trainings have included a spectrum of FEMA professional development and other resident and non-resident courses along with a range of Incident Command System courses. In addition, she has designed and delivered hundreds of customized exercises including tabletop exercises, functional exercises, and full-scale exercises to local governments and educational institutions across the United States.

Supplementing her professional accomplishments, Ms. Harshman has served as Chair of the Conference Committee of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) since 2005 and is an active member of the California Emergency Services Association. In addition, in 2008, Ms. Harshman was appointed to the U.S. National Weather Service StormReady and TsunamiReady Advisory Board.

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