Mass Shootings
Attacker Types and Threat Assessment

August Vernon
Instructor and Author
Operations Officer, Office of Emergency Management
Forsyth County, North Carolina

November 12, 2012


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"Very good class! A lot of useful information."
Trista Strickland

"Very good information....appreciate recommendations on other resource materials on this subject"
Thomas Atherton

"Presented a great many insights into the shooter. Spoke of many outside resouces we could go to to learn more. All in all, a little frightening and that may be a good thing."
Gerald Howard
McLennan Commuity College CERT Team

"Thank you for the invite and ability to attend this webinar. It was very insightful and helpful."

"Excellent overview of threat assessments and danger signs, with emphasis on prevention/detection of event before it happens."

"Good information. A bit difficult to follow - jumping back and forth between workplace and school incidents. No mention of the church, day spa, nor theater shootings."

"Thank you August for providing additional information on this subject. In our hospital we have conducted a tabletop and are currently conducting small scale 'functional' exercises in each department and we are planning a FSEx for the spring. Prevention and preparedness are key - I developed a formal edu for all staff. Thanks again."
Robin Dieckmann
Orange Regional Medical Center

"Good information."

"Good information.  Found the time well spent."
Shawn Moser

"Well presented.  Presenter obviously has excellent handle on issues. Especially appreciated list of movies, games, etc to look for."
Doug Wade
Lee Memorial Health System

"Good presentation with good information.  Thank you."
Bradley Cusick
Overland Park Fire Department

"I would like to see this particular webinar done again with a longer time involved.  Very interesting and extremely informative!  Thank You!!"
Tracy Huettner

"Great webinar!"
Ralph Cockman
GTCC Police Dept.

"I attended the in-classroom training of this class a few years ago. Excellent refresher."

"The speaker was wonderful."
Michele Tanton
BJC HealthCare

"Lots of good information."

"Excellent presentation."

"Thought the presentation was organized and the presenter was very prepared and very knowledgeable about the subject."

"Great insight."

"Well done - practical presentation for a very complicated subject."
Deborah Morneau

"Great presentation."

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August Vernon is currently the Operations Officer for the Forsyth County Office of Emergency Management (NC). August returned to his position in 2005 at Emergency Management after a year in Iraq as a security contractor conducting route clearance and long-range convoy security operations for the U.S. Army. Vernon has been employed in Emergency Management for twelve years and also served as a paid member of the fire service and a fire service instructor. He also served in the U.S. Army as a CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) Operations Specialist for 4 years.

August has given over 160 multi-agency presentations at classroom sessions, field training events, conferences, workshops, and seminars over the past 12 years. Mr. Vernon teaches courses in Incident Management, Mass Violence/Mass Shootings, Emergency & Crisis Management and Terrorism Planning-Response. August is a writer and member of the IFSTA WMD/Terrorism Committee. Since 2004 he has served as technical reviewer for the development of seven different public safety training films produced by the Emergency Film Group. August has also presented in several public safety training films. August provides critical incident and crisis management planning and training at the corporate, local, regional, state and federal level. He has also written over 40 nationally published articles and is also author of the First Responders Critical Incident Field Guide published by Red Hat Publishing.

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