FloodSmart Tools and Resources
for Emergency Managers

Andrew T. Eastman
FloodSmart Program Manager
Senior Vice President, LeapFrog Solutions

August 8, 2012

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"FloodSmart Tools and Resources for Emergency Managers is one of the best discussion hosted by emforum.org to date. Mr. Eastman's presentation manner and command of the material made it very easy to understand how valuable the FloodSmart.gov program is to our citizens.As Mr. Eastman cited, although only 16% of the public believe they are prepared for a disaster, the tools discussed will hopefully help raise this statistic -- because everyone of us know someone whose life has changed due to a flooding incident. I'm looking forward to disseminating the various recorded products from today's discussion to local EOC/Amateur Radio groups. Thank you."
LW Abel [K7LWA] Seatac, WA
The ABEL Group

"Thank you for the opportunity to listen in on your informational webcast."
AnneMarie Boyea

"Good summation of what has been said in the past few years in the Flood Plain Management community."

"The EAS improvements to include transmission of flood maps have been proposed and are in process for a grant."
Frank W. Bell
Kybernetix LLC

"It was very enjoyable and I can certainly learn from Andrew's presentation. Thank you."
Heather Christie
BC Hydro

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As the Program Manager for FloodSmart, Andrew Eastman is responsible for the oversight and management of the marketing, advertising and public relations contract for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Flood Insurance Program. He brings over 22 years of progressive management experience supporting private corporations and the Federal government. His span of expertise includes executive consulting in strategy development and organizational planning, operational conceptualization and planning, business case development, and program management. He has led branding and marketing initiatives for government agencies such as the Federal Acquisition Institute, and commercial institutions such as the biomedical engineering firm, MedImmune.

Mr. Eastman has authored white papers on task-based learning and business process reengineering; published articles on recruitment and retention, motivating people, and strategic planning; and presented lectures on the emotional issues of change associated with learning, developing sound business cases, assessing an organization's readiness to implement e-learning programs, and developing integrated learning environments.

A United States Air Force veteran, he has over 28 years in the adult learning and technology fields. Mr. Eastman is a graduate of the Executive Strategy and Innovation Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management.

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