New Requirements for Radiological Preparedness
Implementation of the NRC Emergency Preparedness Rule
and the FEMA REPP Manual

Robert Kahler
Chief, Emergency Preparedness Inspection and Regulatory Improvements Branch
U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Patricia Gardner

Program Specialist, Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program
Technological Hazards Division, FEMA

July 11, 2012

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"Thanks for the very interesting session."

"Great topic; wish the seminar could have gone just a bit longer."

"Good to get both NRC and FEMA guidance/perspectives."

"Good overview. I have had trouble downloading the REP document in a readable form."

"Outstanding presentation. Very informative. Thank you for providing this service."

"I thought we would get more into the REP manual and the changes. This was a very basic."

"Please provide the contact information for Patricia Gardner, the substitute speaker from FEMA." []

"Will be good to get the new manual and checklist."
Dominick Urso
EPA/Excalibur Associates Inc.

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Robert Kahler has over 33 years of extensive experience in nuclear power encompassing the areas of emergency preparedness, PWR reactor operations, and licensed operator training. Currently, Mr. Kahler is the Branch Chief of the Emergency Preparedness Inspection and Regulatory Improvements Branch and is responsible for maintaining oversight of the emergency preparedness rule implementation effort and inspection program. Mr. Kahler is extremely well versed in the NRC's emergency preparedness program requirements and inspection activities for commercial nuclear power plants.

Prior to joining the NRC, Mr. Kahler worked at the Beaver Valley Power Station as Manager, Emergency Preparedness, and was a licensed Senior Reactor Operator at both units. He began his nuclear career as a Reactor Operator at the Shippingport Atomic Power Station, the nation's first commercial nuclear power plant. Mr. Kahler holds a BS degree in Secondary Education, Mathematics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a BS degree in Human Resources from Geneva College, and a Masters in Business Administration from Point Park University.

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