National Emergency Management Association Update
Moving Preparedness Forward

James M. Mullen
President, National Emergency Management Association
Director, Washington State Emergency Management Division

June 13, 2012

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"Very Interesting - would appreciate links to referenced NEMA reports." [Links are available above.]
Dee Harrison

"Outstanding presentation and informative information. Very timely, Thank you."
Lee Newsome
EREC, Inc.

"Thanks for having Jim talk to us. He's great -- very dedicated & fun to talk to in person."

"Good update."

"Timely topic and excellent subject matter expert!"

"Good to hear that mitigation is considered to be a lynch pin of emergency management. Natural hazards occur daily and result in more damage to property and loss of life than manmade events (thus far). A better or more robust integration of mitigation and homeland security is a must."
Al Goodman
CRS Task Force consultant

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Jim Mullen became the Washington State Director of the Emergency Management Division effective July 21, 2004. He has been an outspoken advocate of local and county emergency managers. Innovation has characterized his tenure at Washington EMD: he has dramatically increased the public education outreach effort, which includes the highly praised Map Your Neighborhood Program initiative. A second innovation has been to increase the direct, two-way interaction between the public and private sector, with the promise of more in the future.

Under Jim's leadership, the Washington Emergency Management Division has won numerous awards including most recently.

  • 2011 FEMA's national Award for the Map Your Neighborhood program
  • 2011 FEMA national Individual and Community Preparedness award in the category of "Innovative Training & Education"
  • 2012 Western States Seismic Policy Council National Awards in Excellence in the categories of Mitigation and Research.

Mr. Mullen served as Director of Emergency Management for the City of Seattle for 12 years. Seattle Emergency Management received a number of national awards and other recognition during that period for community mitigation, community preparedness and disaster response planning. The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) recognized Mr. Mullen for his "outstanding contribution to Emergency Management" and as an "outstanding representative of our discipline".

In October 2010 Mr. Mullen was elected Vice President of the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) and assumed the office of President of NEMA January 14, 2011. Prior to becoming President of NEMA he served as NEMA's Region 100 Vice President and as Mitigation Committee chairman. He is a member of the National Homeland Security Consortium and was a driving force behind the formation of the National Collaborative Mitigation Alliance.

Throughout his career in emergency management, Jim has contributed constructive commentary on the impact of the Department of Homeland Security upon FEMA, and the collateral impact upon the safety of the nation from all hazards.

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