NFPA 1600® and PS-Prep™ Update

Donald L. Schmidt, ARM, CBCP, CBCLA, CEM
Chair, NFPA Technical Committee
on Emergency Management and Business Continuity
Chief Executive Officer, Preparedness LLC

March 28, 2012

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26 Ratings Submitted
7 (27%) Academia 5 (19%)
11 (42%) Business 10 (38%)
7 (27%) Government 7 (27%)
1 (4%) Volunteers 1 (4%)
0 (0%) Other 3 (12%)
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"Excellent presentation - clear and easy to understand. Thank you."
Peg Blechman
Access Board

"Excellent update. Thank you."
Dean Larson
Larson Performance Consulting, LLC

"Great to know upcoming editions of NFPA and allowed to comment."

"Commentary on changes in 2013 edition of NFPA 1600 were interesting, but could have been highlighted / summarized in the presentation slides. No new info re PS-PREP, so I'm left wondering why it was even mentioned in the seminar title."

"Excellent update, Don was great (as usual)!!!!! Thanks!"
Russ Strickland
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

"Good review of up coming 2013 edition changes. As a national disaster recovery and restoration organization, we often include NFPA 1600 recommendations in our discussions on disaster recovery planning. I am interested in becoming more involved with the NFPA 1600 Technical Committee."
Cleighton B. Tourtellotte
BELFOR USA Group, Inc.

"Good review of the NFPA1600 and how its formulated. May want to do a future seminar to discuss further or deeper within the context of the code and its impact to business and goverment entities."
Mario Bulhoes
King-Fisher Company, Inc.

"These forums are very well done and helpful. The survey is also a great idea for gathering input on attendees! Good job all!"
Elysa Jones

"Excellent presnetation by Mr. Schmidt; very comprehensive. Seems like we have been working this issue for decades now and we are always just short of getting robust private sector preparedness buy-in. Amazing, but his work reminds us to never give up that fight. Well done and informative."
Bob Coullahan
Readiness Resource Group

"I was glad to see this topic presented. It is the basis of our program and changes to it are of critical importance to emergency management. Thank you for all you do."

"Very informative... Thank you!"
Dave Hardwick
The Boeing Company

"Don did a great job. Thanks to Amy and Avagene for the work that you two do with the EIIP."
Lloyd Bokman

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Donald L. Schmidt is the CEO of Preparedness LLC, chair of NFPA's Technical Committee on Emergency Management and Business Continuity, which is responsible for NFPA 1600, and a professional development instructor for NFPA and the Disaster Recovery Institute.

He was a member of the interdisciplinary group that wrote the "Framework for Voluntary Preparedness" in response to PL 110-53, and he is a member of the Committee of Experts advising ANAB on the accreditation requirements for voluntary certification of private sector programs under "PS-Prep."

He is the editor of Implementing NFPA 1600, National Preparedness Standard, co-author of Tools & Techniques of Risk Management & Insurance, co-author of Business at Risk: How to Assess, Mitigate, and Respond to Terrorist Threats, and contributing author of two other books. He is a Certified Emergency Manager, Certified Business Continuity Professional, and Certified Business Continuity Lead Auditor.

During his 30 plus year career, he has done extensive work in risk assessment, loss prevention, hazard mitigation, emergency management, and business continuity plan development, training, and exercising within a diverse range of industries.

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