Communication with Vulnerable Populations
A Transportation and Emergency Management Toolkit

Deborah Matherly, AICP
Principal Investigator
Principal Planner, The Louis Berger Group, Inc.

Kelly Reinhardt, PMP
President, Jane Mobley Associates

February 22, 2012

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29 Ratings Submitted
5 (17%) Academia 6 (21%)
13 (45%) Business 3 (10%)
10 (34%) Government 15 (52%)
1 (4%) Volunteers 0 (0%)
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"Excellent session!!"
Marcelle Penn Mathis
Mindful Assets

"Very Informative. Thank you."
Gary Robinson
Town of Aquinnah, MA

"Well done."
Susan Winter

"Very good presentation. Toolkit looks great!"

"Information will be forwarded to our Critical Infrastructure-Transportation sector members."
Charles D. Sharp
Black Emergency Managers Association

"We have been following this very process for the past five years as we've developed our Pierce County High Risk Populations Disaster Planning Coalition."
Sheri Badger
Pierce County (WA) Department of Emergency Management

"Very good brief. Very informative. Thank you."

"All the information presented was useful and thought-provoking."
Matthew Carrier
Jacksonville State University (Student)

"Even though I am not currently working in the emergency field, I did obtain a certificate in Emergency Preparedness and Response last March. These webinars help to keep me in the loop. I am taking my last CERT training tonight. Great and useful information today!!!"
Paula Guillory
LLUA alumna

"I found the info very good. It gave me a picture of the extensive work that has been put into this project. The words under the picture in the Chapter 3 slide was priceless. In going out on disasters you see this but I never thought about how the demographics played such a role in the sub-conscious part of the brain. We see this but I had not put it into words. I volunteer for the Red Cross and am on the Disability group in our city for the Red Cross."

LuAnn Stallcop
Red Cross

"This is very informative. You included all. Strong communication is very important. I saw that you emphasized on this a lot. Very good"

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Deborah Matherly is a principal planner with The Louis Berger Group, Inc. She has over 31 years of experience with a broad technical and management background in major facets of transportation analysis, especially transit. Since joining LBG in 2001, she has established herself as a national expert in various aspects of emergency transportation planning.

Ms. Matherly has directed three major regional emergency planning initiatives: two for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) and one for the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC). She supported the 2010-2011 Portsmouth, New Hampshire Seacoast Planning and Implementation Evacuation Services Procedure and led the Washington, DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency Public Outreach for September 2011 Emergency Preparedness month.

She was principal investigator for the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) project A-33: Communications with Vulnerable Populations- A Transportation and Emergency Management Toolkit completed in March and published in September, 2011. She is currently leading the National Cooperative Research Program (NCHRP) project 20-59(32): A Transportation Guide for All-Hazards Emergency Evacuation and NCHRP 20-59(42), A Guide to Regional Transportation Planning for Disasters, Emergencies and Special Events. She has also been active on the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Emergency Evacuation Subcommittee since 2003.

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Kelly Reinhardt, President of Jane Mobley Associates, is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute and brings more than 15 years' experience in contract management and oversight on local, regional and national contracts. She has served in both a project management and researcher role on national projects for the Transportation Research Board's Transit Cooperative Research Program and National Cooperative Highway Research Program and for regional projects for the Mid-America Regional Council and the Kansas and Missouri Departments of Transportation. Ms. Reinhardt has contributed to a number of publications, including:

  • TCRP A-33, Communication with Vulnerable Populations: A Transportation and Emergency Management Toolkit, 2011
  • NCHRP 20-59(32), A Transportation Guide for All-Hazards Emergency Evacuation, (underway)
  • NCHRP 3-84, Guide to Forming and Sustaining Multistate Transportation Operations Programs, (in review)
  • The Public Health Workbook for Defining, Locating, and Reaching Special, Vulnerable, and At-Risk Populations in Emergencies, 2011

Ms. Reinhardt has practiced in the field of strategic communication and strategic planning for more than 25 years and specializes in group process methodologies, qualitative research and the transfer of complex information into implementation strategies and training materials.

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