May 26, 1999 Tech Arena Presentation


Leo Frishberg


Michael Frishberg
Cliffside Software, Inc.

Automating After Action Reporting with Plan AHEAD
Process Control for Emergency Management Planning


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Chief Operating Officer
Cliffside Software, Inc.

A founder of Cliffside Software, Leo's responsibilities include managing the development of Plan AHEAD. Leo's experience with exercise development goes back 5 years when he graduated from his first FEMA Exercise Design course. Since then, Leo has participated in numerous exercise development efforts, exercise design courses and has trained individuals new to exercising. As the system "architect" for Plan AHEAD, Leo interviewed numerous exercise experts, demonstrated early prototype versions of the application and dedicated years of his life to fashion this powerful exercise / incident reporting tool.

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Cliffside Software, Inc.

Before founding Cliffside, Michael worked for 15 years in new product development for IBM Corp. His marketing and international experience as a planner served him well as Plan AHEAD was being developed. While his only emergency management experience was being a lifeguard as a youth, he appreciates and recognizes the incredible talent and courage of emergency responders. One goal of Cliffside is to make these responders even more effective, and with Plan AHEAD Mike hopes this target was hit.

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Cliffside Software, Inc. is an Oregon corporation that specializes in management planning applications. Plan AHEAD - All Hazard Exercise Administration and Development is Cliffside's first product. Plan AHEAD is used to create the documentation for any type of exercise, for any type of contingency plan. It is installed in 43 state offices of emergency management, many FEMA regions and other government entities. It also is installed in almost every industry sector, making it a unique public/private resource for cooperation when building emergency and other exercises.

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