November 4, 1998 Special Presentation

by Dennis Hickethier
Emergency Management Institute


Timothy Campbell

Senior Officials Workshop
Preparedness and Response for Terrorist Incidents


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Senior Officials' Workshop:
Preparedness and Response for Terrorist Incidents

Dennis Hickethier
Education Specialist
Emergency Management Institute, Emmitsburg, Maryland

Timothy Campbell

Moderator Avagene Moore

A one day workshop has been developed under contract to EMI to acquaint local government officials with concepts involved in preparedness for terrorist incidents. The morning session deals with awareness and policy issues, while the afternoon session includes a tabletop exercise.

The workshop was pilot-tested in Columbus, OH and Boston, MA and has since been used by the Department of Defense about 20 times, for those cities on the list of 120 designated for training. Additional materials have been added, and made available on the FEMA website for use by other cities. See

One of the challenges in communicating with senior level officials has been to keep them focused on broader policy decisions, as opposed to tactical details. Issues dealing with the community employees and their families must be addressed, as well as issues dealing with the economic impact on the city of the attack. A vulnerability assessment is also a key component.

Teamwork is stressed throughout. This workshop seems to get the attention of local officials, when other types of hazards may not. Feedback from the initial pilots was very positive.


Education Specialist
Emergency Management Institute
Emmitsburg, Maryland

Mr. Dennis Hickethier has been an Education Specialist in the Office of the Superintendent of the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) since 1992. He is the coordinator for the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) new Master Trainer Program, and the Project Officer for EMI's efforts to place EMI publications and training material on the Internet World Wide Web. He also develops training courses and serves as the Training Division representative for the Corrective Action Program Support System.

When Mr. Hickethier first joined EMI, his primary responsibilities included coordinating distance education initiatives for EMI course delivery and informing staff of distance education opportunities and methodologies. He was instrumental in the development of EMI's first computer-based multimedia exercise simulation, using video and audio formats. He also worked on special projects in support of training. In August 1994, Mr. Hickethier became a student at the U.S. Army War College as FEMA's representative, graduating in 1995.

Before joining EMI, Mr. Hickethier worked 17 years for the Army Continuing Education System. He served as a Guidance Counselor, Education Services Officer, and Education Specialist. During his career in Army education services, Mr. Hickethier was responsible for providing soldiers with quality education programs using a variety of delivery methods and time schedules. He also worked closely with Army training personnel to design and deliver training related to soldiers' job skills.

Mr. Hickethier earned a bachelor of arts degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin in 1971. He graduated with a master's degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1972.

Dennis Hickethier
(301) 447-1148

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Timothy Campbell is a consultant on public safety communications, fire and EMS operations, hazardous materials team response and emergency management. The Pennsylvania State Fire School certifies him, to instruct Incident Command, Essentials of Fire-fighting, Volunteer Fire
Management and Hazardous Materials First Responder Awareness and Operations. He is an EPA certified Hazardous Materials Technician. He has served as Deputy Fire Chief, President, Recording Secretary and Ambulance Commander of a large suburban volunteer fire company.

Mr. Campbell served as Director of Emergency Services for Chester County, Pennsylvania from 1978 to 1997, responsible for an agency serving 73 municipalities, 123 public safety agencies and 420,000 citizens. It provides 911-telephone access, public safety radio communications, EMS system development /quality assurance, emergency services training, fire/arson investigation, hazardous materials team response, nuclear power plant accident preparedness and emergency management planning. He served the Chester County Local Emergency Planning Committee for ten years as Community Emergency Response and
Public Information Coordinator. He represented the County on the South Eastern Pennsylvania EHS Council, serving as Treasurer and Chairperson. He served on the Executive Committee of the Chester County EMS Council.

He was Project Director of the County Public Safety Communications Project for 7 years coordinating nineteen contracts providing relocation of the communications center, in a no interruption mode, implementing enhanced 911, an 800 MHz radio system, Computer Aided Dispatch, Automatic Vehicle Location and a Mobile Data system. It also involved Geographic Information System linked mapping, new console electronics, equipping an Emergency Operations Center, a new Command Communications Vehicle and a Microwave Radio System. It included coordinating the land use planning process for four new towers and leases for eleven more towers.

He is a Director of the Pennsylvania Firefighter’s Legislative Federation and serves on steering committees for USEPA Region III Chemical Emergency Preparedness Conference and the Pennsylvania Fire Services Leadership Retreat. He has testified before the Pennsylvania
General Assembly and the United States Congress. He is accepted as an expert witness before the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania.

He lectures at the Emergency Management Institute, serving as Emergency Program Manager controller for Integrated Emergency Management Courses, and served on the National Fire Academy course focus group for Fire Service Fiscal Management. He was an author for the EMI IEMC-Hazardous Materials curriculum rewrite in 1996 and Model Community Update in 1997. He is presently serving on course development teams for IEMC-Response and Mitigation (EMI) and Emergency Response to Terrorism-Incident Management (NFA). He is involved in the course development and pilot delivery of the Nunn-Lugar-Dominici Senior Official’s Policy Workshop on Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Timothy R S Campbell
Frazer, Pennsylvania

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