Career Services Center: Staff Directory
Nathan Elton

Career Services Center

(302) 831-8574




Lynn Sydnor-Epps

Associate Director, Employer Relations

(302) 831-3159




Jill Panté

Associate Director, Lerner College Career Services Center

(302) 831-3161

Career Community:

Heather Catalino

Communications Specialist

(302) 831-6209

Handshake, Marketing, Technology and Social Media

Jill Panté

Career Counselor

Counseling & Programming Team

(302) 831-4765

Career Community:
Engineering & Technology

Joyce Henderson

Assistant Director, Employer Partnerships

(302) 831-3615

Career Community:
Engineering & Technology, and Health & Science

Cindy Holland

Assistant Director, Teacher Education Support Services

(302) 831-8572

Career Community:
Helping Professions & Education

Scott Rappaport

Events Manager

(302) 831-8569

Career Events, On Campus Branding Events & Information Sessions


Jenifer Laird

Assistant Director, Counseling & Programming Team

(302) 831-8568

Career Community:
Health & Science

Christine Motta

Assistant Director, Athletes & International Students

(302) 831-1450

Career Community:
Special Populations Athletes, International Students, LGBTQ, Underrepresented, Veterans and Disabilities

Scott Rappaport

Assistant Director, Student Employment & Internships Programs

(302) 831-8094

Career Community:
Arts, Design, Entertainment & Media and Helping Professions & Education

Paul Rollison

Assistant Director, Career Counseling for Graduate Students and Alumni

(302) 831-1072

Career Community:
Lerner College of Business and Economics graduate program

Bonnie Robinson

Career Counselor,

Counseling & Programming Team

(302) 831-6414

Career Community:

Business (for Non-Business Majors)

Lisa Sydney

Career Counselor,

Counseling & Programming Team

(302) 831-4764

Career Community:

Arts, Design, Entertainment & Media

Danielle Wenzel

Talent Recruiting Coordinator

(302) 831-8838

Bonnie Robinson

Administrative Assistant II, Office Coordinator

(302) 831-8479

Gabriela Coleman

Administrative Assistant II, Marketing & Technology

(302) 831-7014

Stacy Purse

Administrative Assistant II, Counseling & Programming Team

(302) 831-8570

Gwen Robison

Administrative Assistant II, Office Receptionist

(302) 831-1231

Administrative Assistant II, Employer Relations Team

(302) 831-2391

Helping UD students explore, experience, and excel