Canadian Archepelago Throughflow Study
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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Apr.-2014 .pdf Interannual changes of the floating ice shelf of Petermann Gletscher, North Greenland, from 2000 to 2012
Muenchow, Padman, and Fricker (J. Glac.)
Feb.-2014 .pdf Baffin Island and West Greenland Curren Systems in Northern Baffin Bay
Muenchow, Falkner, and Melling (Progr. Oceanogr.)
May-2012 .pdf Geostrophic Ocean Currents and Freshwater Fluxes across the Canadian Polar Shelf via Nares Strait
Rabe, Johnson, Muenchow, and Melling (J. Mar. Res.)
Sept.-2011 .pdf Ocean Warming of Nares Strait Bottom Waters off Northwest Greenland 2003-09
Muenchow, Falkner, Melling, Rabe, and Johnson (Oceanogr.)
Jan.-2011 .pdf Ocean circulation and properties in Petermann Fjord, Greenland
Johnson, Muenchow, Falkner, and Melling (J. Geophys. Res.)
Jul.-2010 .pdf Nares Strait hydrography and salinity field from a 3-year moored array.
Rabe, Muenchow, Johnson, and Melling (J. Geophys. Res.)
Jan.-2009 .pdf Ocean current observations from Nares Strait west of Greenland: Interannual to tidal variability and forcing.
Muenchow and Melling (J. Mar. Res.)
Mar.-2008 .pdf Low-level jets, orographic effects, and extreme events in Nares Strait: a model-based mesoscale climatology
Samelson and Barbour (Month. Weath. Rev.)
Mar.-2008 .pdf Fresh-water fluxes via Pacific and Arctic Outfows across the Canadian Polar shelf
Melling et al. (Chapter-8, ASOF Book)
Dec.-2007 .pdf Spatial continuity of measured seawater and tracer fluxes through Nares Strait.
Muenchow,Falkner, and Melling (J. Mar. Res.)
Feb.-2006 .pdf Observational estimates of volume and freshwater fluxes leaving the Arctic Ocean through Nares Strait
Muenchow, Melling, and Falkner (J. Phys. Ocean.)
Dec.-2005 .pdf Evidence for atmospheric control of sea-ice motion through Nares Strait
Samelson, Agnew, Melling, and Muenchow (Geophys. Res. Let.)
Nov.-2005 .pdf Warming and Freshening of a Semi-Enclosed Sea: Baffin Bay, 1916-2003
Zweng and Muenchow (J. Geophys. Res.)


Jun.-2011 .pdf Observation and Analysis of the Circulation off the Northwest Coast of Greenland
Lauren Brown, University of Delware, MS Thesis
May-2010 .pdf Dynamical Analysis of Flows Through Nares Strait
Berit Rabe, University of Delaware, PhD Dissertation
Jun. 2005 Warming of Baffin Bay Ocean Waters 1916-2003
Melissa Zweng, University of Delaware, MS Thesis

Manuscripts submitted for Peer-Review

Oct.-2006 .pdf Implications of nutrient variability in passages of the Canadian Archipelago and Baffin Bay ...
Falkner et al.

Field Reports

Sep.-2012 .pdf Fall-2012 Nares Strait Mooring Recovery
Melling et al.
Sep.-2009 .pdf Fall-2009 Nares Strait Mooring Recovery
Melling et al.
Sep.-2007 .pdf Fall-2007 Nares Strait Mooring Recovery
Melling et al.
Sep.-2006 .pdf Fall-2006 Nares Strait Mooring Recovery
Melling et al.
May-2005 .pdf Spring-2005 Nares Strait Field Efforts
Falkner et al.
Oct.-2003 .pdf Summer-2003 Nares Strait USCGC Healy Cruise Report
Falkner et al.

Progress Reports

June-2005 .pdf Estimating Sea-Ice Transport into the North-Atlantic using AMSR_E
Agnew, T.A. and J. Vandeweghe

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