Chapter: Mighty Oaks: Five Black Educators

Author: Judith Y. Gibson

Critical Thinking:

1. Why do you think education was a top priority for African Americans in Delaware?

2. How did education change the economic, social, and political lives of Wilmington's black citizens?

3. What was the connection between the Brown v. Board of Education decision and New Castle County, Delaware?

4. Write a letter to the editor of the Wilmington News Journal giving your reaction to the opening of Howard High School.


A. Librarian at Howard High School

B. First principal of Howard High School

C. Second president of Delaware State

D. Principal of Howard High School from 1929 to 1959

_____ Edwina Kruse

_____ George Johnson

_____ Pauline Young

_____ William Jason

Other Activities:

Field trip to Howard High Memorabilia Room and Art Gallery.


The African American Experience: The Teachers Resource Manual (Globe Book Company):

Selections from Ordinary Americans:
"Betrayal of the Sea Islands," pp. 15-17.
"Sweet Land of Liberty," p. 92.
"Not a Second Class Citizen," pp. 226-228.
"Student Handout A23," pp. 185-186.

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