Chapter: "Diamonds of Delaware and Maryland's Eastern Shore: Seven Black Men of Distinction"

Authors: James Newton and Harmon Carey

Critical Thinking Exercises:

Would you have agreed with Booker T. Washington that earning a living and buying property were more important for African Americans than voting? Explain.

Short Essays:

1. What contributions did these men make to the city of Wilmington?

2. Why did "Judy" Johnson never get an opportunity to compete in baseball's major league?

3. What kinds of business did blacks establish in the city in the 1800s and early 1900s?


A. Felt that blacks should not go back to Africa since African Americans had aided in the building of America by, "the sweat of their brow."

B. Represented New Castle County, Delaware in Brown vs. Board of Education

C. Organized the Free African Society and was the first black ordained minister in America

D. At the age of 75, was inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame

E. Elected State Senator in 1964

F. One of the first blacks to practice medicine in Delaware

G. Founded the African Union Methodist Protestant Church in Wilmington, Delaware

_____ Absalom Jones
_____ Peter Spencer
_____ Abraham D. Schadd
_____ Samuel Elbert
_____ William "Judy" Johnson
_____ Louis L. Redding
_____ Herman Holloway, Sr.

Key Terms, Concepts, and Events:

Research Topics: Write a one page biographical summary on one of the subjects.

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