Established in 1969, University Archives and Records Management serves as the central repository for the administrative and business records of the University of Delaware. The mission of this unit is to document the history of the University of Delaware, its predecessor institutions - including the Academy of Newark, Newark College, Delaware College, and the Women's College of Delaware - its Board of Trustees, its constituent colleges, departments, and programs, and its administrative offices and units.

This unit is comprised of two sections: the Archives Program and the Records Management Program. Collections of historical records generally available to the public for research are administered through the Archives Program. The Records Management Program manages and stores active University records as they are generated by this institution, and prepares them for disposition and potential inclusion within the collections of the Archives Program; University records maintained through the Records Management Program are not available to the public. University Archives and Records Management reports to the Office of the Vice President and University Secretary.

Hours: open Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, closed University holidays.
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