Links to papers, notes and slides:


February 2011:                     Dennis Sweitzer                   AstraZeneca
When Projects Go Splat:  Introducing the Splatterplot



September 2010:            Margaret Minkwitz, PhD,                AstraZeneca
 Moving from US FDA focus to Global focus: Importance of Standards

April 2010:                     Anna Osmukhina, PhD                        AstraZeneca

Using the Weibull Model to Predict the Future: ATAC trial

March 2010:                  Zhaohui (John) Cai, MD, PhD,              AstraZeneca

Personalized Medicine and Model-based Drug Development:
Opportunities for Biomedical Informatics.
(slides with examples)

February 2010 Meeting:                    Dennis Sweitzer,                   AstraZeneca
Quick & Dirty Simulation using Excel    
(slides and examples)

Spring 2009                          Terry M. Therneau, PhD,                    Mayo Clinic
Multiple and Correlated Events Survival Analysis
(slides for course)

September 2006 Meeting:             Dennis Sweitzer,                     AstraZeneca
Predicting Time of Completion in Multiphase Survival Trials
Proceeding of the ASA JSM 2006 paper:
 Predicting Time of Completion in Multiphase Survival Trials


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