Delaware Chapter, ASA

Evening Business Meeting: October 2005

As a local Chapter of the American Statistical Association we need to address the needs of our community. If you are interested in identifying ways to make our chapter better and more responsive to your needs, consider attending a Chapter brainstorming meeting concerning revitalizing the Delaware Chapter.

In the past few years we have had a drop off of active membership in the Chapter, although we have had more paid memberships through ASA. In order to continue as a Chapter, we need to find individuals willing to participate as elected officers from a broader representation of our statistical community. Please consider this as an invitation to participate in the Chapter, we will have information about the officer roles available at the meeting.

The meeting is scheduled for:

Note: If you plan to attend, notify Margaret Minkwitz (, 302-886-2795) or Larry Hotchkiss (, 302-831-1989). Badges must be prepared in advance to gain admittance to AstraZeneca.


Take the 202 exit from I95, head 202N, move into the left lane. Make a left onto 141 from the right most of the left turn lanes, make a right at the next light into AstraZeneca. Stay in the left lane of the entry road and make a left into the visitors parking lot. Go to the desk, there will be a badge there and someone will meet attendees to take them to the meeting room. A few questions to ask yourself and think about for the discussion: Note: Our current ASA president is encouraging statisticians to do pro bono work, is there any way that we as a service organization can assist our members in identifying ways they can contribute their time as a pro bono statistician.

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