April 23, 1999: 17th Annual Spring Conference

Statistical Design and Analysis of Life Science Studies: Of Mice and Men

Sponsored by the Delaware Chapter of the ASA

The Delaware Chapter of the American Statistical Association is sponsoring the 17th Annual Spring Conference. This year's conference is titled "Statistical Design and Analysis of Life Science Studies: Of Mice and Men". This one-day conference will consider some of the fundamental statistical issues in designing and analyzing studies in toxicology and pharmacology needed to develop a safe and efficacious product, whether that product is intended for crop protection or human disease intervention.

The talks will begin with a consideration of dose-response experiments (applied to plants or animals); the use (and misuse) of historical controls in evaluating a current study; and progress through the design of clinical trials, AIDS research, and product stability. There will be topics of interest to most statistical professionals in the life-sciences. Each talk will be led by a subject matter expert.

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