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Winter Session - 2015

UNIV (University Studies) Undergraduate Courses

Students often participate in instructional activities out-of-class and beyond existing courses. Opportunities exist for students in these types of enrichment experiences under the direct supervision of a faculty member. Students may enroll for credit in UNIV courses with permission of instructor. UNIV courses may not substitute for major courses required in the major and departmental curriculum.

UNIV 260; 360; 460 Experiential Teaching

Experiential Teaching offers credit as group tutor; peer facilitator/instructor, workshop guide, or undergraduate teaching assistant. For more information, contact the faculty supervisor.

UNIV 262; 362; 462 Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning offers credit for out-of-class learning beyond department courses for discovery learning, service learning, fieldwork, co-op, apprenticeship, and internship. For more information, contact the faculty supervisor. For more service learning information, visit the Office of Service Learning website:, or call 831-3188.

UNIV 364 Experiential Internship

Experiential Internship is a three credit course focusing on career development issues which include a 50 hour internship as a requirement. Students meet weekly in a seminar format. Credit is available for any major with hundreds of internships available. For more information, visit the Career Services Center website:, or contact: or 831-8479.

UNIV 268; 368; 468 Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research offers credit for out-of-class research beyond department research or special-problem courses. For more information, contact the faculty supervisor. For more undergraduate research information, visit the Undergraduate Research Program website:, or contact: or 831-8995.


The Office of Service-Learning (OSL) provides students, faculty and community organizations a central location for information about service-learning and community-based research opportunities. The OSL administers the Service-Learning Scholars program. For further information, see: For advisement, call (302) 831-3188.

Honors Courses

Honors courses are open to students in the Honors Program (UDHP) whose grade point indices are 3.0 or higher. During the initial registration period, only UDHP students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher will be eligible to register for Honors courses. Students who are not in the Honors Program and have grade point indices of 3.0 or higher may request an open seat in an Honors course. Please see the Honors Course Information page at to learn more about registering for an Honors course. Further information on the UD Honors Program is available at the UDHP office at 186 South College Ave., by phone at (302) 831-1195, and online at

Undergraduate Research Program

University faculty accept undergraduates as their assistants or junior members of their research teams in the belief that unusually well-motivated students should be given the chance, while they are still beginners, to see and have a part in what is happening at the frontiers of knowledge.
        The Undergraduate Research Program helps interested students and faculty to meet and discuss apprenticeship possibilities. Most students earn academic credit for the apprenticeships; qualified work-study students may earn grant money doing research. Projects are available in all University departments and areas of research. The Undergraduate Research Program also administers the senior thesis program for the Degree with Distinction. For further information, see:
For assistance in locating a project, visit the Undergraduate Research Program, 180 South College Avenue, (302) 831-8995, or email

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