FINANCIAL INFORMATION: Winter Session - 2018

The Registration and Free Drop/Add period for 5-week classes ends Monday, January 8. The drop/add deadline for 4-week winter courses is Thursday, January 11th. There are no tuition refunds for courses from which you would withdraw after those dates.

Your Student Account

        UD provides access to your student account through your My Finances online student billing and payment system, available at
      Balances must be paid prior to the start of classes in order to avoid late payment fees. If you are expecting financial aid or a credit not yet reflected on your student account, log in to My Finances and click on the pencil icon in the "Additional credits" column to report other payment amounts and sources. Please pay any remaining balance due not covered by these expected credits.
      Winter charges are generated by mid-November and charges are reflected within 24 hours of registering. Payments are due January 3. Students in Professional & Continuing Studies programs must pay by the January 3 due date or their classes may be cancelled.
      Notification of account charges is sent via email to the student's UDEL email, so new students must establish a pin and email account at the time of registration to receive these notifications. Students also have the option of granting My Finances access to an authorized party through the Parent/Guardian Services site. (See for more information.)

Payment Options

Online Check (ACH):
Provide bank account number and bank routing number to have payment debited from your account.
Credit Card:
Our third-party vendor, CashNet, accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. CashNet assesses a service charge (2.75% Domestic / 4.25% International) for processing your credit card payment.
Mail a Check:
Make checks payable to University of Delaware. My Finances provides a printable remittance slip. If you are not including this remittance slip, include student ID and name on check and send to Cashier's Office, 30 Lovett Avenue, 116 Student Services Bldg, Newark, DE 19716.
International Options:
Students have additional payment options through My Finances or may request Wire Instructions by contacting Student Financial Service.
Payment Locations
        The Cashiers Office in the Student Services Building is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Continuing Education students may also pay at the registration site and during hours listed in the "Registration" topic of this website.

Financial Aid

Students must be enrolled at least half-time to be eligible for Federal aid (UG = 6 hours / GR = 4.5 hours). See additional options for financing your Special Session at
      If you have questions about the billing, financial aid, and/or payment process, refer to for frequently asked questions and/or to submit your question online, or call a Student Financial Services advisor at (302) 831-2126.

Special Notes

Residency Classification for Tuition Purposes

In general, to qualify as a Delaware (in-state) student for tuition and fee purposes, the student (or the parent/guardian upon whom the student is dependent) must have established a domicile in Delaware and must have maintained continuous residence therein for a period of 12 consecutive months as of the first day of classes in the semester/session in which Delaware student status is sought. Individuals who work in Delaware but reside in another state are not considered in-state students for the purpose of tuition and fees. First time students should resolve any questions concerning residency prior to submitting a registration form.
The complete residency policy can be found at

Undergraduate Tuition

All students receive a discount if they take five or more credits. For students who take six credit hours, the discount is 25%.
DE ResidentNon-Resident
5 Maximum
Maximum Tuition

Students who take UD-Online Distance Learning classes outside of Delaware can, under certain conditions, qualify for a lower than normal "Nonresident Site Tuition" rate.

Students in the Associate in Arts Program, when taking classes at one of the AA Academic Centers, will be charged tuition for those classes at the prevailing Associate in Arts Program rates. When taking classes on the Newark campus, AA students will be charged the normal Undergraduate rates shown in the tables above.

Graduate Tuition

$ 1,770 per credit
Graduate tuition is assessed for every credit registered and no maximum applies to graduate tuition University-wide, but at the discretion of each College, certain programs and credit loads may be eligible for scholarships. Also see the

Other Fees

Housing: There is no Winter Session housing fee for registered students who live in undergraduate residence halls and suites during the fall or spring semesters. (Conover and Graduate House residents pay the normal monthly rate.) See

Dining Plans $663 - $842: Charged to students taking advantage of full-size University dining plans and mandatory for those living in traditional Residence Halls and Suites. A variety of meal plans are available, including lesser plans for those living in nontraditional halls or off-campus.

Student Health Fee ($66) -- Charged to all full-time students enrolled in Winter Session.

Registration Fee ($30) - Charged to all students during summer and winter sessions and to part-time students during the fall/spring terms.

Student Comprehensive Fee ($50) - Charged to all Undergraduate and Continuing Education students during the Winter session. This fee supports the student fitness center, recreational programs, student activities, concerts, performing arts and the activities of registered student organizations.

Late Payment Fee ($55) - Charged on accounts with outstanding balances after fee payment deadlines.

Change of Registration Fee ($25) - Charged for registration changes occurring after the end of the Free Drop/Add period (January 8 for 5-week classes and January 18 for 4-week classes). These include: changing a course section, dropping and/or adding a course, or changing grade status among audit, credit or pass/fail. Tuition is charged and is not refundable for course withdrawals after these dates.

FLEX Account

With your FLEX Account you can enjoy cashless purchasing power across campus: at all dining locations, the University Bookstore, even residence hall laundry machines. For more information about FLEX, how to sign up and where to use it, visit our web site at:
or call us at 831-4033.


Students who advance register for the Winter Session will be assessed charges via our My Finances online billing and payment system. Advance registered students who later decide not to attend must drop their courses
online as early as possible. This adjusts the student's Winter Session charges, and frees space in courses for other students. Students in University housing must also notify the Office of Residence Life and Housing, (302) 831-HOME (4663), and Dining Services, (302) 831-4033. Canceling registration will not automatically cancel housing and dining.


If a course is canceled by the University or if a student withdraws before the end of the Free Drop/Add Period, a full rebate of tuition is given. There is no rebate of tuition for course withdrawals after Free Drop/Add ends (January 8 for 5-week classes, and January 11 for 4-week classes), nor is there a rebate for students who neglect to officially withdraw from the University.

Financial Aid Recipient Withdrawals:

Financial aid eligibility is based on the cost of education (tuition, mandatory fees, housing, meal plan, books, etc.) incurred for the entire Winter Session and is contingent upon completion of that session. If you are a recipient of Title IV federal financial aid funds** and your enrollment terminates through official withdrawal, your financial aid award must be reviewed for possible adjustment. Federal regulations mandate that any unearned aid be returned to the federal aid programs when you withdraw. The percentage of aid earned is based on the date of withdrawal divided by the total number of days in the session. Title IV recipients are governed by federal policy if they withdraw prior to completing 60% of the session. ** Examples: Direct/Stafford Student Loans, Perkins Loan, Nursing Student Loan, Supplementary Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), PELL Grant, Direct/Parent Loan.
Students are required to adhere to the University's official withdrawal policy when terminating their enrollment prior to the end of a given term. Failure to officially withdraw will result in the cancellation of any Federal financial aid program funds previously awarded for that term. Federal regulations require that funds for ineligible recipients be returned to the financial aid program accounts. If this happens, students will be responsible for any remaining Winter Session charges. Handouts for Title IV recipient withdrawals, explaining the policies, procedures, and examples of Title IV refunds are available upon request through Student Financial Services.


Cancellations must be submitted in writing by mail or email to Dining Services (Student Services Building, 30 Lovett Ave.) or in person at the Student Services Building the end of the Free Drop/Add period (January 8 for 5-week classes, January 11 for 4-week classes). Cancellation requests for students with traditional room assignments will only be considered after their housing assignment has been officially cancelled for the Winter term. When your Dining Services Agreement is officially cancelled, your student account will be credited based on a proration of unused dining plan meals for the remaining days in the term less five days plus the value of any unused points. Any credit balance in your student account may be transferred to a FLEX account. Applicable refunds for Winter will be calculated in proportion to the semester refund schedule.

Full details regarding cancellations and changes are published in The Student Guide to University Policies and at


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